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Element Shakeup Round 2

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Guest mrchak

Just some follow up ideas for the most recent tower list that may help development, ideas for tower names and Models


lv1 "Metal" - War Mill

lv2 "Steel" - Blacksmith

lv3 "Mithril" - Hunter's Hall

Berserk Ability can be called "Blade Fury" and allows the tower to shoot more powerful blades faster for a period of time.


lv1 "Poison" - cauldron

lv2 "Pollution" - Sewer Vent (doodad)

lv3 "Corruption" - Defiled Fountain


lv1 "Gunpowder" - Dwarven Rifleman

lv2 "Mortar" - Mortar Team

lv3 "Gunmetal" - Siege Engine


lv1 "Geyser" - Geyser (1) (doodad)

lv2 "Gusher" - Fissure (0) (doodad)

lv3 "Old Faithful" - Crater Firey (bluish doodad)


lv1 "Soil" - Dune Worm

lv2 "Burrow" - Zergling

lv3 "Tunnel" - Hydralisk

Teleport ability can be called "Burrow", the unit burrows down, and appears shortly in the new location, busting out of the ground.


lv1 "Gold" - Mine Cart (doodad)

lv2 "Wealth" - Golden Statue (doodad)


lv1 "Enchantment" - Horn of Cenarius

lv2 "Incantation" - Statue of Keeper (doodad)


lv1 "Voodoo" - Troll Witch Doctor

lv2 "Witchcraft" - Shadow Hunter


lv1 "Thorns" - Entangling Roots (buff)

lv2 "Roots" - Entangling Goldmine (ability)

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Guest hyperprimate
lv2 "Gusher" - Fissure (0) (doodad)

Might look too much like refined earth?

lv2 "Witchcraft" - Shadow Hunter

Unless you have some way of removig the glow under hero models I think they should be avoided.

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Guest mrchak

Good point - glows should be removed if its not too much trouble. I've read about how to do it but I've never actually gone and done it.

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Guest left.side

Sorry to double post; didn't see the sticky.

For the "stackable release" tower why not just jack Nevermore's skill set?


Whenever the Shadow Fiend kills a target, he stores the unfortunate soul inside of him. For each stored soul he gains 2 bonus damage until his own death releases half of them from bondage.

Requiem of Souls

Summons evil spirits around you dealing damage to units in the area. Number of spirits is related to the number of souls stored and the movement/damage reduction is related to the distance from the Shadow Fiend. Lowers movement speed and damage of nearby units. The closer the units are the greater the effect.

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