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Element TD 4.2

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-Added new gamemode: Draft Pick

-Reworked Magic/Sorcery/Wizardry to function with buffs correctly (DF)

-Reworked Quark/Electron/Atom to function with buffs correctly (EL)

-Reworked Flesh Golem/Patchwork Abomination Tower (ENW)

-Reworked Flamethrower/Flamespewer Tower (DEF)

-Reworked Disease/Decay/Death Tower (DN)

-Reworked Oblivion/Necromancy Tower (DLN)

-Reworked Poison/Pollution/Pestilence Tower (DW)

-Reworked Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)

-Reworked Mushroom/Toadstool/Fungus Tower (EN)

-Added a zoom library, type in -zoom xxxx (500-3000) to zoom in (lower value) or out (higher value). 1700 is the default.

-Added Game Time to multiboard

-Added "Sudden Death" for Ronald round at 2000 kills (becomes Undead/Healing/Mechanical and leaks for 3 lives)

-Tier 3 dual support down to 120%

-Tier 1 triple support to 10%

-All instances of 1100 range changed to 1125

-Napalm duration buffed to 3 seconds from 2 (DEF)

-Flame buffed to 150 damage up from 120 (FN)

-Voodoo/Witchcraft range buffed to 700 up from 500 (DFN)

-Tidal/Tsunami reverted to 0.31 speed and 10 attacks to charge (LEW)

-Zealot/Fanatic changed to 1 speed and 11%/20 cap on ability, changed range to 900, up from 700 (EFW)

-Laser/Phasor reverted to 0.31 speed (DEL)

-Flame/Solar/Sun changed to 0.66 speed (FN)

-Shrapnade (Gunpowder/Mortar/Vulcan) is now homing (DE)

-Hail/Comet to 1125 range from 900, and 3 targets from 5 (DLW)

-Hail buffed to 1200 damage from 750 (DLW)

-Buffed Spew Acid (Corrosion (DFW)) and Faerie Fire (Enchantment (ELN)) to 3 armor penalty

-Hydro/Spout/Geyser (EW) and Quaker/Earthshaker (EFN) now have "fairer" randomization

-Buffed Shrapnade (Gunpowder) to 150 damage from 133 (DE)

-Disease/Decay/Death range to 500 from 900 (DW)

-Disease damage to 500 from 375 (DW)

-Autocast added to Tidal/Tsunami Tower (LNW)

-Extreme Mode indicator removed, you can now build there too

-Difficulty selected by the host is now MINIMUM difficulty for all players in the game

-One life now counted as "full life" in Extreme Mode

-Mechanical creeps now play a blinking animation at 9/10/11 mana to give some indication of "going off"

-Fixed creep "stutter" when towers massed or speed too high

-Buildable on path bug for area 7 fixed

-Problems with Race Mode fixed

-Fixed attack delay after casting an ability for Magic/Sorcery/Wizardry (DF), Mushroom/Toadstool/Fungus (EN) and Hail/Comet (DLW)

-Element Query (on your builder) does not have a useless ability anymore

-Fixed maximum HP for Elementals/Ronalds

-Added message to announce round clear

-Added gold effect (like interest) above creeps when killed

-Removed "Not Enough Votes" message

-Singleplayer now has the same dialogs as if you were hosting the game

-Fixed position of default essences (the free ones)

-Fixed a bug when players left during loading that ended a game unexpectedly

-Optimized spawn performance throughout the game

-Optimized floating text and prevented limit cutoff

-Optimized trigger dealing with random bosses, hopefully reduced spawning lag

-Optimized loading time slightly

-Hopefully fixed the rare "towers stop attacking etc." bug

-Optimized kick system, now uses -kick only

-Fog removed for better compatibility with zooming and also performance increase

-Optimized Same Random trigger just a tiny bit

-Added new effect for Quaker/Earthshaker Tower (EFN)

-Added new effect for Radius/Orbit Tower (DFL)

-Added new effect for Nova/Supernova Tower (FLN)

-Added new effect for Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)

-New effects for Impulse (FNW), Radius (DFL), Periodic (DWFNEL), Flamethrower (DEF)

-Added attack animation to Disease/Decay/Death Tower (DN)

-Improved tooltips for Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)

-Improved tooltips for Polar/Ice Age Tower (ELW)

-Fixed Sunburn tooltip error (FN)

-Fixed Orbit (upgrade) tooltip error (DFL)

-Fixed Focus (Laser) tooltip error (DEL)

-Incantation build tooltip error fixed (ELN)

-Various other tooltip improvements and fixes

-Electron model changed (EL)

-Steam model changed (FW)

-Impulse projectile scale reduced (FNW)

-Changed texttag color of Impulse/Velocity (FNW), Laser/Phasor (DEL) and Quark/Electron/Atom (EL)

-Slight color tint change for Electricity/Lightning/Energy (FL)

-Pure Essence model changed

-Returned Attack/Stop/Patrol/Hold/Move icons back to default

-Interest texttag duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1

-Updated "Element Query" icon

-Stopped "You're the last survivor" message from popping up multiple times

-Added message to announce round clear

-Added gold effect (like interest) above creeps when killed

-Added new effect for Mechanical Creeps

-Order of elements in map description fixed

-meateor, Deaod added to credits

Element TD 4.2.w3x

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Sweet. Looks like fun changes. Now if only I had an internet fast enough to play online so I could test out all the changes shadow made to tropical tag. Ah well, I guess it will have to go through it's first stages without my input. You're going to have to join me for a game sometime when I'm back home Kara.

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I bet it's a noob's problem, but here it goes:

I've downloaded the 4.2 version,

and for some unknown reason, I cannot play it...


Is it only playable with the new WC3 patch?

What am doing wrong?

I open WC3 TFT > CUSTOM GAME > DOWNLOAD > ELEMENT TD SURVIVOR 4.2 .... But the bars with the possible players do not appear, only de righ side window with the informations about the map.

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Yes, you need to have WC3 patch 1.24 or higher (currently at 1.24c). If this is a problem (i.e. you're stuck with 1.23) then your only option is 4.1.

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What a honour to be answered by you.

I'll go for 1.24 patch.

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