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Requesting Feedback

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My friend and I are fairly new to Ele TD and have been playing a lot over the past few days. We've discovered that we enjoy the Same Random game mode the most and anything below Normal difficulty is too easy. Here's the last game we played (to be fair, not one of our best!). Does anyone have any feedback for both players? Thanks!


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Hey Robust, welcome to the forums. :)

Samerandom is a great mode to improve, as you can allways check who did best and try to figure out what worked. ;)

In my opinion, you can benefit from learning more about damage and armour types, making the best use of splash, and by better quaker placement.

Let us take a look at an example:

On wave 21 you have two mushrooms and a focused earth against fire undead, and Nersha uses 3 mushrooms. He leaks 13, you leak none, allthough your towers allmost cost the same. Why is that?

My guess is that mushroom (nature dmg) only doing 50% damage against fire creeps will have something to do with this. ;) My advice is, that you should treat every damage type you use as a weakness. If you build mushrooms, you have to fear fire. If you mass focused earth instead, nature will eat you. On random you can exchange your towers for every wave without loosing gold, but that requires very fast fingers. Another option would be, mixing different types of damage. This works especially well if you use damage types that cover each others weaknesses. For example, if you are using mushrooms, you should add something with water damage. In your game you had no water at wave 21, so mushroom was a risk. Since you had earth and the cover for its weakness, which is fire, a mass of earth towers and a few fire would have been a better sollution in my opinion (in a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratio). That is, if you don't want to rebuild a lot ofc.

Another thing to learn here is, that focused earth has splash damage, while mushroom is a relatively slow single target tower. And let me tell you this: Slow single target towers with nature damage are exactly the worst kind of towers against fire undead creeps. Undead waves are designed to destroy single target builds. If you rely to much on single target, undead is your enemy. Going all splash may be even worse, as healing, mech, and fast are your problem then, but a no-splash-build will prove tricky in the long run. I say, undead is best tackled with splash.

Conclusion for this part: By just replacing one mushroom with a splash tower that did more than just 50% damage to fire, you avoided 13 leaks. I would say, this is worth investigating. ;)

Now for tower placement: If I should hazard a guess as to why Nersha won this game, it would be his better quaker placement.

There are bad a good placements for each tower in eletd, and I mostly agree with his way to place quaker. Quaker has a mixed attack, it does single target dmg and every now and then (33% chance) it does a pulverize, which hits everything in range. In my experience this special attack does most of its damage, so I try to maximise the number of creeps that are hit with that. The range of quaker is very low, only 500, which makes is impossible to cover a big area (like with nova, windstorm, radius and so on). So the best I know is to place it where the creeps have to walk around it, like a bend of the path. Just check what Nersha did. Btw, I would move the quakers one towersize away from the end of the ledge for a bit more coverage. ;)

That's about it, only two more little things, which are not so important for now:

-I consider blacksmith, well, and trickery to be very powerfull boost towers. Each of them will give +25% power to 4 dmg towers even on their lowest level. Thats one extra tower per four towers at the cost of 500.

-Nersha had more gold than you. Look at this list of networth values:

Wave -  You   - Nersha
26   -  2989  -  3212
29   -  4243  -  4421
31   -  5236  -  5601
35   -  7924  -  8418
38   - 10798  - 11789

He did that by building less towers than you and sometimes by selling and immediately rebuilding towers, so he made more money by interest.

Hm. Did I write too much? I did write too much right? Sorry that I wrote too much. :P

I probably also managed not to write the things you wanted to know, so tell me what I forgot. :)

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Great feedback Cisz, thanks. I don't really have any questions to add so I'll let you know how my next few games go!

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