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  1. Heya. I have a couple of points to raise with regard to Mushroom Towers. One of which seems to be a bug, the other a suggestion, so I'll just keep the post in here. When buffed by Blacksmith Towers, no icon is displayed above them. I'm assuming this is a bug. When you click on them you can see the icon in the tooltip, but there's not the yellow Inner Fire icon that there is when other towers benefit from the buff. Make Spore Clouds an auto-cast ability. This one's a suggestion. By doing this, if a player has multiple Mushroom Towers (and their upgraded equivalents), they have much more control over the use of this ability and it won't be burned as soon as a round starts. This will also add a skillful element to Mushroom Tower usage. Of course, you should be able to toggle auto-cast on and off. Thoughts?
  2. Robust


    Hey all. I've been playing Ele TD a lot over the past few weeks and have really come to like it. I've already made one or two posts on the forums and I hope to be sticking around for a while. I've also been spamming /j clan etd on Northrend but to no avail! Look forward to playing with you guys soon!
  3. Great feedback Cisz, thanks. I don't really have any questions to add so I'll let you know how my next few games go!
  4. Hey guys. Me and my friend just played a game and at one point, my friend's Toadstool Towers randomly stopped working. He had to manually focus fire with them in order to start up again. Speed the replay up and watch Level 41 and you should see what happened. The player to be watching is "Nersha". LastReplay.w3g
  5. Heya. My friend and I are fairly new to Ele TD and have been playing a lot over the past few days. We've discovered that we enjoy the Same Random game mode the most and anything below Normal difficulty is too easy. Here's the last game we played (to be fair, not one of our best!). Does anyone have any feedback for both players? Thanks! LastReplay.w3g
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