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Youtube Videos

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Post you funniest/well made video here.

It will be a sort of contest. You may not post a reply without posting a video. :P

And you must rate the videos of the poster on top.

When you have posted the video and rating you can write almost whatever you want.


Rate between 1-10

Max 3 videos per post (you will need to make a new one to post more)

No double posting (you may not rate yourself :roll: )

Here is my videos:




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Guest Jacob

Lol @ the first one, the last 2 where also very creative picture animations...

Btw The first link says nl.youtube.com but your location says sweden, so :S.

By coincidence i do happen to know a verry funny video:


Its originally from newgrounds though.

Also you might have seen this one. It has become quite populair, its plainly insane but makes you wonder wy it had been made in the first place.

If you watch youtube video's lately you couldnt have missed the populair chocolate rain by tay zonday, its this black kid with a somewhat scary low voice... and a lot of "Tribute's/Video responses" had been made, by far this one was the best.

(its only funny if you've seen the original video.)

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Guest Jacob
I've posted that ronald movie already, in another thread.

Gj, Btw on the films ^^

I know, but... Doooooh ??!!.

You reply'd but you did not post a video, thats against the rules ^^.

Somewhat funny if you know oblivion.

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Well I know I broke the rule.

But none were posting videos.

Here is a very common video, but it is good.


10000 POST!

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Guest Jacob

Gratz for the 10000'st post :lol:

(Im fully aware that im not posting a video),

though its hidden in invisible text, select it to make it visible



Ftfw ?!.

DAmned thats not invisible at all...

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Guest Silfarion

ok, you have to see this.

if you know foods from malaysia or somewhere there, it is better. it is soooooo funny.

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Guest Jacob

If a chicken in this area is angry, it will chase you down.

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