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Found 2 results

  1. I have made several high scores in the Android full version about a week ago, but none of them is displayed in the global high score table. But when I got a high score in the Steam version, it was instantly inserted in this table. What may be the problem?
  2. Hi, i have been playing this for quite some time, and watching this forum from time to time, but nothing new ever happens here. Sorry to see and say that this forum is mostly dead, last challenges made year(s) ago. So im starting new one, for all you new players around here who are too scared to make an account, or veterans still playing this. Thing is easy, post your fruit points high score. You dont have to tell us how you did it, but no one is stopping you. Now now, there will be some rules: 1) No maze. Post that eleswhere, with correct maze you can kill fruit infinitely, i dont care about that, i want everyone to have the same chance, thus no-maze mode only. 2) No heroes, no team play, no other mode than competitive, no short or extra short. Chaos is allowed. 3) Any difficulity allowed. Yep you heard me, im not going to discriminate not-elite players by forcing very hard upon them. You will achieve less fruit points on easier difficulties, so its just fair to play on anything you want. Just tell us what difficulty it was. 4) No exploits or cheats or bugs or anything gooffy. 5) Try ataching screanshot if possible. Or replay. Or both. (ill do mine later) I would like to make a little leaderboard here, so lets start with me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENCOL - 3726 points. Very hard difficulty, private solo game with friend (who died early). 3D 3E 3F 2W build.
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