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Found 1 result

  1. Update 1.1: Fixed some values that were incorrect, added color, added Light vs Nature, added Sorted Lists Update 1.1.1: Fixed more values that were incorrect. Only accurate until 1.7. Version 1.8's damage is coming soon! To view the old data (like base attack, multiplier etc, click on the arrow at the top. It's just hidden, not removed) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 5 days of grueling work, approximately 40 hours later, I may have completed an 99.9% accurate representation of DPS per gold for each tower in the game, factoring abilities, splash, considering different scenarios and possibilities (I'm looking at you Quake). So here it is! Clickity: Damage Table 1.1.1. <<<<< Just to clarify, damage is assumed if creeps don't have special abilities and are walking in a straight line; corners have a 10% possibility of a little higher DPS. PSA: Legend says my data is so raw even cows worship it and learn its ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legend (Look for Row W and X mostly) Row A: Name of Tower Row B - K: What one attack from the target hits. Ignore unless you're looking for specifics. Row M: Range Row N: AoE Row O: Base Attack. May be different from the tower's because abilities are factored in (especially if it's easier to calculate by changing this instead of the damage multiplier) Row P: APS (Attacks per second).. (If you want to calculate BAT, BAT is (1/APS)) Row Q: Single-target damage multiplier. Usually it's 100% unless it's cases like Hail Tower whose crits affect the DPS. Row R: Single-Target DPS. Row S: AoE multiplier. Similar to Row Q, except AoE, bounces and other fun stuff are calculated. Row T: AoE DPS Row V: Cost of Tower Row W: Single-target DPS per gold Row X: Multi-target DPS per gold Row Y: Comments usually related to the calculation Row Z: Mind your own business, pal. Much thanks to WindStrike for providing much timely assistance and providing his old data table! Now, for fun facts. 1) If you group 30 mobs into a small AoE, at a whooping 46500% multiplier, resulting in 68.2 DPS / Gold, the highest DPS in the game goes to Vapor Tower! 2) Can't decide on a pure element tower? If you want, at an impressive 8.09 DPS / Gold, Fire takes it home! If you want Single-target oriented towers, at a massive 9.2 DPS / gold, Nature destroys the competition! 3) Support Towers (Well, Blacksmith, Trickery Tower) has the 3rd highest Single-target DPS among the T1 Dual-Elements, 6th if you consider non-pure Mono-Elements (tied with Nature 3 and Jinx 2), and 9th highest Single-target DPS at lvl 3! It's even higher then the Periodic Tower?! Who says Supports can't kill? Too bad we can't support a support, huh? If you spot the 0.01% error on the table, garden gnomes have hacked my computer while I wasn't looking and changed their values. I aplogise on the behalf of my garden gnomes (stay put, Larry! I'm looking at you!). However, please inform me of any discrepancies and errors I may incurred while trying to ward off flying dragons and space monkeys while gathering this data.
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