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  1. I think developers do fine. Resetting leaderbord after some fix of new patch's bugs is better.(v1.31)
  2. Very nice, i beleive the future innovations to other single element towers will balance the gate camping system(Pures,min quantity but max quality,etc..) that i mentioned into tower variety system (diversity, riot of colors, rainbow...) Or a new radical idea called investment system (lose some life but earn more gold, or vice verse). Probably needs a lot of tests with gold and life towers, nontheless community grows up everday. I want to repeat the important point again: 80% of games are played in Normal mode with amateur players, balance should include all the players, not only at leaderbords. Well done with new patches and thanks for your attention. Sorry, English is not my native language.
  3. Does not anyone think what i think? Nature Towers(at all levels) should be immediately nerfed.Next patch is the time for that. Major Reasons: 1-At early game stages it is absolute advantage for multiplayer games(at all difficulties). 2-Stupidly overpowered pure tower type.(This was why you decreased pure gold advantage in older patches.) 3-Dps leveling is extremely perfect for hitpoint increase of creep waves at middle stage. Minor Reasons: 1-For expert gaming, too much attackspeed to make micro managements.(I mean this tower should be able to controlled like light/dark tower to attack 1 hit for every creep.) 2-It has very big speed and score advantage when randomed.(Random element games) 3-Nature element type's combination with water element. a)Well Tower give attackspeed, nature has also attackspeed combining these elements is kind of an automatic rifle. b)Both nature and water towers are better(Dps) than other elements at early stages. c)With all these information a simple thinking: while hard to counter fire element with nature element ,use best symbiotic element water to easily counter fire armored creeps.
  4. "Mirage Tower" does not create an illusion of "Mist Tower" automatically. (Manually can be normally done.) Replay Number: 2234791405 Moss/Toadstoll Towers does not attack the highest HP creep, but the information (tooltip of skill) says it should. Replay Number: 2234813523 And some minor bugs i've encountered: When a creep under effect of a movespeed slow from a "Supernova Tower" (30% Slow) and if the slow effect is prolonged by a not upgraded "Nova Tower"(10% Slow), creep is still being slowed by "Supernova Tower" (30% Slow). I think same issue with "Corrosion and Erosion Towers", not sure about "Root Towers". When player reconnects game after disconnection, "Income BAR" at the right top corner does not work correctly.(At least i've that problem.) When watching a replay if Player's selected terrain is summer, might be able to seen "Player's Current Gold" with hotkey "T" or "Networth" with hotkey "Y"; however On Desert, Winter etc. may not be able to seen. Finally, "The Annoying Sound Loop" near the courier or when Roshan dies. This is a serious big Thing.
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