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  1. I am still getting the red "-25% speed bonus" shown. I had a concern with temporal creeps but I did not test to see for sure what happens. When the temporal creep goes through exit (-1 life), then my towers hit it to 25% and it warps back to behind exit and walks through again... Does that temporal creep take 2 of my lives total? if yes, is that intended? that would theoretically allow a temporal creep wave to take 2 times as many lives as other waves. "current: Boss wave 2",,,"Next: boss wave 2" and lastly, i have a suggestion/complaint for 1.2...towers that do not have a special targeting method(EG: basic nature), should prioritize the creep closest to exit. I'm not too knowledgeable about the algorithm currently used...but i have had creeps within 1 shot of death, going into my exit, be ignored by my towers. they had a good 2-3 second window to kill it, but focused instead on the next wave. I'd rather not have to micro every obvious choice target for my towers.
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