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  1. HEY i think elements/orders/etc, and replays (if theyre even available) should be hidden from the public everyone is just doing the same build (it goes down for the whole 100 players) and its kind of LAME
  2. no i didnt win, however that is defined
  3. no, the matches are not updated on my player list: https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/players/86715129 i waited a few hours before posting as well
  4. HELLO i have two scores, 221k and 229k and neither of which are on the leaderboard i am playing solo and my profile is private, do either of these affect leaderboard stats?
  5. my point is that if i manually choose a target it should override the custom target
  6. hello, not sure if this is intended or bug, but when i manually right click creeps with my impulse tower, it'll switch focus after the attack (before the creep dies) because i'm not targetting the farthest unit i believe it should stay on the manually selected target until it's dead/out of range before switching to its default target choice
  7. hi, on level 29 of my game i killed a unit while it was leaking and the interest timer froze and never unfroze i killed the next wave and it was still frozen it happens at 22:30 2176113887.dem
  8. sorry, the interaction must have changed recently i think the the non-clone towers should have priority, but ideally i would prefer that whichever unit is selected would have priority in the group
  9. the problem with the cloned sell is that it's a different ability and when i double click a tower (to select all of them), the sell button does not exist since its two different abilities (and i personally don't have the tab button hotkeyed) my solution would be to have cloned towers be a different unit type so that they're not selected when double clicking the original towers
  10. is there any workaround i can create?
  11. hello, not sure if this is dota related or element td related, but sometimes i'm playing alone and i pause the game and after 5 minutes of pause it automatically resumes
  12. hello, cloned unit types (the rubick tower ability) are the same unit type as the original tower, when i double click the original tower it will include the cloned towers and i will lose the ability to sell the towers because cloned towers do not have the sell ability
  13. hello, if a building shoots an attack and is sold before the attack hits the target, the attack does not register
  14. hello, not sure if this is a bug or suggestion, but sell (and other building abilities i think?) have no hotkeys on legacy and its kind of difficult to deal with please fix thanks!!
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