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  1. I definitely think it has something to do with either shift queuing a lot of towers or just building towers in general. It happened to me twice in a row in a Chaos run (ankh mobs).
  2. Didn't receive any gold at all until I leaked them. Got the popup. I was able to watch the replay. I could also see my gold under net worth. Unfortunately I can't record it now cuz it seems like you've updated it ("Custom game archive doesn't match between game server and client").
  3. I had the same problem at a different point in the game. Same settings. Was against Dust Fiend (Lifestealer with Ankh) at level 27. I had around 650ish gold. I leaked one or two that gave gold on their second turn around the maze. Didn't build anything. Only lasted a turn. Match ID: 2170451181 Timestamp: 24:50
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