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  1. could you please fix the game mode bug that quite often normal difficulty and all other modes gets selected despite votes have been differently? even when just playing a game alone and I vote just hard difficulty and nothing else Ill get normal, chaos, rush etc. mode



  2. happy to hear you continue working on the game. but is 3d or the standalone factor really desirable? imho most of the charme comes from being that nice 2d custom game which is part of dota.

    once it becomes standalone and 3d & stuff it becomes situated elsewhere and there are higher expectations towards the graphics, the game itself etc.

  3. Im wondering whether there is the possibility to issue a stop/hold position or something like this command so that your towers stop attacking?

    I saw someone in my game apparently able to prevent his towers from attacking. pressing s or h doesnt do anything for me though.

  4. I have been away for more than a year now and would like to ask about the "current" top builds for 


    a) classic mode, insane to get high scores and waves. apparently it seems like getting at least one tower of each and only level 2 elements is the most successful way to go? what are the main damage towers? getting all buff towers? placements?


    b) max frogs at normal difficulty. here it seems like its just everything with light, nature and water. I take it some life towers, max water buff and tidal towers? which level 3 towers? placements and I guess dragging out waves for max interest?



    youtube vids are too old and dont include the top builds it seems. 


    thank you

  5. currently the system tries to find some common ground even in cases in which a vote is 3:1 with 3 people voting exactly for the same thing and 1 person voting for something else. so when 3 people want to play normal mode and 1 person votes insane then the result will be hard which does not help anyone at all. hard is not really close to insane and its also not what the other 3 people wanted, otherwise they would have voted so in the first place. currently this system is abused by persons trying to spite the other 3 people who all voted for normal by voting insane then. imho if the result is as clear as 3:1 then the vote of the 4th person should be ignored, as that person is clearly in the wrong game if he wants something different (bad luck). atm there is just more often abuse with the way its currently working as it is really of help for the majority of players.

  6. it appears that points for frog kills are only given if the entire wave is killed? is that correct? thats at least what I can see from replays. tbh, I would much more like to see every frog kill count.

  7. 6 hours ago, Utoko said:

    Sadly you can't play normal mode with other players if you aim for high score. (because other players make it harder).

    It would be nice to have a mode in which you can play together with others, but your speed of clearing the waves affects only yourself and not the other players. so basically as if you were playing alone, but you can still communicate with others, watch their builds, but also compete with them, you just dont influence each others games any more (aside from copying builds on the fly).

  8. On 3/3/2016 at 3:32 AM, BlankMinded said:

    First life lost on wave 28. Survived until wave 33, 980 kill, frogs 313m hp.

    Edit: There's something strangely satisfying about spotting a quark 3 with 50 million damage (47 stacks) in a replay.

    how to get up to 47 stacks when towers switch target if shield goes up?

  9. just remove the speed bonus thing from the score. rush should only mean that the waves follow relatively fast on each other, but not necessarily that you have to kill them so fast after entering.

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