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  1. Yeah,I'm not sure about Win10 but I might just upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit win7 and then get a 8gig ram if that's what it takes to play this awesome game.
  2. :'( cos I just upgraded to a 32 bit Win 7 last month. I'll still play and try to get to wave 25 lol
  3. So all I need is a ram upgrade? Will a 8 gig ram work on 32 bit?
  4. How about the error message on my post? Post In Question
  5. I got this kinda loading screen after i tried to reconnect.
  6. So I used to spend hours upon hours during the weekends to play this game on wc3. After you guys ported it to Dota 2, this is the problem i've been having. I have been playing this game solo and every single time around wave 25, the client crashes when I try to reconnect back the message on the image appears. Please help.
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