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  1. I was thinking of downloading the SC2 free version to try it. I assume it works on that. But I'd rather just wait for the dota version. It's looking really nice.
  2. I wanted to drop my 2cents. I hope it's not a 1:1 copy of the TFT version. I played that so much and I am hoping that it's freshened up a bit. I'd like to see more creep abilities. Like what about taking the omni/bkb magic immune effect, and coloring it, to show immunity of a type? And having a wave where the units become immune to the first type of damage they take, after taking damage for the first time. Could have a mix of units, where one unit will purge slows off the other units that get slowed (Perhaps only slowing earth or water slows, even). Things like that. To me those are more entertaining than it mostly being about the units armor type and the damage types you have. Some things like that, where waves react, would be neat. I'd also like to see some player abilitie(s) that could sort of negate how hard a few waves are. Perhaps it'd open up more strategies for a strategy that'd otherwise die to a quick, tanky, or wave of a certain type. Like maybe an ability where all the units of the current wave(both already spawned, and not yet spawned) lose half their max HP, but the next 5 waves all have 10%(+/-) more HP.
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