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  1. It saddens me to agree as well. Although I would like to see one final update for SC2, it probably isn't worth your time. I have played with a few new players that have started to play regularly and are just learning the game. (of course it gets boring playing the default settings every game.) I never even see a lot of the "regulars" anymore. (I used to play mazing with Ayr all the time back in the day.) I guess I'll have to see if DOTA 2 will run on this ancient machine.
  2. The game didn't change, Starcraft 2 did. Just before HotS came out, they added new settings and set them as default. Go to Menu > Options > Gameplay, and uncheck "enable simple command card". This will allow you to see all of the builder and hero options. There is another setting to allow you to click on enemy units as well.
  3. That was a pretty fun challenge. Especially not having all my elements by wave 55. After wave 60 I had only 2 lives and ended up with 322 fruit kills. No ray/grenade towers really forces you to plan ahead more. Normally I would spam elemental ray towers on the waves I know I'm going to be weak against.
  4. I did a base test by using no ray/grenade towers after round ten on normal difficulty. (note: I did this before seeing WindStrike's latest post on starting with 750 minerals) When round 11 started I had 480 min (tried to be as close to 450 as possible) My elements were EDFLNEDFLNW At the end of wave 60, I had ~109K Minerals, Game timer was ~48:00 and 27 lives left Fruit: 317 killed with 1268 fp. It honestly made the game feel "new" to me. It was quite a challenge to know when to build another tower, and to ballance element types. I would kill some elements very fast, and most my leaks came on light. I read WindStrikes last post and I agree these changes would be great. Although maybe starting with 700 instead of 750 would be better. You could still build 4 single or 1 dual and 1 singe, but have less left over. (With increasing amounts on harder difficulties.) I really like the regeneration ability for creeps idea. With 6 abilities, normal, and composite you have 49 possible combinations. If the first two waves were composite, then the next 6 elements (all 8 rounds without abilities), you would then have 42 rounds of creeps with abilites and element/composite types rotating. (each element and composite would be paired with each ability once by round 50.
  5. I really like all of these ideas WindStrike. I especially like the no ray/grenade towers - start on level 11 idea. As a long time player, who just recently started playing again (after over six months away) I would love to see some new updates. I still think that the first 5 waves should be the non-elemental creeps, or at least no "special" ones (healing, undead, etc..) just so new players don't get overwhelmed trying to figure it out. There has been a new influx of players lately, that really love the game and wish they had found it earlier.
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