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  1. Created a group called EleTD Beta,anyone interested in testing the beta join it!
  2. K i am back after a month,will start testing again,will report new bugs as i encounet them. Game on! Add me on garena,the nick is the same if anyone wants to play some element td!
  3. CRITICAL BUG: Instead of when you beat an element to get that elements powers,the power is given to you if the boss passes your gate.Furthermore if you let 1 pure element to pass twice,you automatically have 2 pure essences for using. Expected result: Only when you kill an element should you be able to obtain his power, not before. I think if you fix that,the pure bug will go away, since it triggers if the element passes trough. And i finally figured out how the host works.The third slot is actually the default host slot for some reason.It activates only if there is atleast 1 slot empty between players.
  4. True,never worked in 4.3. Really a huge problem with the host recognizer.Only if we play in spots 1,2,3 etc,will it detect me as the host.If there is one empty slot and then a player,i have no idea how it works,but someone at random is selected. Another bug.When anyone dies with a boss spawned,the boss keeps walking the path all the time.Nothing changes,but he should die at the end of his run atleast. Another bug with no race elimination is that we actually had it working once, but no idea how.
  5. Playing on garena,and mostly after 2 am. Nick on garena:tomemozok Add me if you want to play and test some. Will make a group about element and post the name here! If there is a group,please tell me now.
  6. BUG: Draft Pick ain't working as it should.Will further test so I can explain the whole bug.But here's what I noticed so far: If 2 players play,and slot 2 is unocupied the draft doesn't happen at all!It reverts to normal mode in its own Even when players play in the right slots,we had 2 times the draft to malfunction if i as a host just click too fast after the mode selection. Will test more. edit:Typos
  7. BUG: Race Elimination is not working! Suggestions: Evaporate is now useless,revert back. Make interest rise every 10 levels by 0.5 %,that way we would have 5% on lvl 60 (4,5 effectively,if you don't ronald)
  8. BUG: Trickery towers are able to clone 1 tower multiple times if multiple trickery(and above ranks of trickery) autotarget the same tower in the same time. Expected result: Only the first trickery to target the tower should clone it (got 4 focused light in the price of 1,which was cool,but unfair). Suggestion: Ice,Frost and Sub-Zero,don't freeze targets,nor atleast slow them. Either add a slow effect or change the towers names. Helix deals too low damage for its price. Disable Draft for more than 4 persons. Will report with more bugs Great map BTW!
  9. Ok i will beta test the shit out of it since my frined and i have been playing ele for 2 years now,and love it! Will report any bugs that we find here! And have been looking for this forums for quite some time now:D
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