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  1. Ok, figured out why Race Mode board didn't show out. How silly me for not initialising integer variable. Beta 17 (hotfix!)
  2. Thanks for the enthusiastic replies. I start the work now. Bugs were fixed. Still discovering Race Elimination bug. Beta 16 is up.
  3. As far as I tried, it is not working even in 4.3b
  4. Wow, finally. Will try to fix the bug. For suggestions, I would like Karawasa to comment on them. I'm not really good on balancing.
  5. Yeah, I'm aware of it. Thanks for reminding.
  6. I think it will be better if the bug reporting is placed in seperated thread. Posting format : - Version - Number Of Players - Time of happening (Minutes) - Problem To prevent duplicated bug reporting, refer to here before you post. Thanks. Beta 14 Bugs : Multiboard doesnt show the right classifications on CHAOS mode (Fixed in Beta 15)Death Tower always shows 500 HUD everytime (Fixed in Beta 15) Beta 15 Bugs : Multiple clones of single tower (Fixed in Beta 16)Element level got upgraded once the boss is leaked. (Fixed in Beta 16)Boss doesn't being removed after the player lose. (Fixed in Beta 16)Race Elimination is not working. (Fixed in Beta 17) Beta 16 (Transition Version) Beta 17 Bugs : Waiting to be submitted.
  7. Since Warcraft 3 version is abandoned for a long time, I decided to improve it. I would like to ask some of you to try out this map as beta tester, so that the bugs can be fixed. I might stop the development at v5.2 (sub versions are included), as I will be quite busy on dealing with university application soon. As requested : Since you all know what Element TD is about, I just omit those gameplay stuffs. Changelog (Up to Beta 17) : Tower Improvements : Reverted changes of Mushroom (and upgrades) tower from 4.3 Spore CloudSend out a missle that will be spread into several missles, dealing AOE damage.Damage : 300/1500/7500Reverted changes of Poison (and upgrades) tower from 4.3 Contamination Send out an arc of poison that deals AOE damage.Damage : 360/1800/9000Reworked Dishenchant (Level 1 - Amplify 10% damage, Level 2 - Amplify 30% damage)Napalm Level 2 now works identically with Starcraft II version.Napalm lasts infinitely. (Until the unit dies)Support towers boost rebalanced to 15%/30%/90%Rebalanced Conjure Lightning Renamed to Cast Lightning.Damage : 288/1440/7200Damage amplication each bounce : 20% Note : Total damage done is similar Conjure Lightning.Rebalanced Pulverize : Chance : 50% (from 33%)Damage : 2000/10000 (from 3000/15000)Rebalanced Arbitrage (33%/66%)Rebalanced Evaporate's primary damage to 120/600/3000, secondary damage to 60/300/1500Disabled casting of Conjure, Spring Forward and Fire Up on Cannon/Arrow tower. Abilities Interface : Icon updated : Cast LightningAfterlifeImpactMagicSmoothen Erupt animation.Smoothen Orbit animation.Added fading for Cast Lightning's lightnings.Made the following into passive skills. ExplodeGaia's WraithMaledict Gameplay : Improved codes by a lot for performance purpose.Added tower selling gold message.Added intro scrolling text.Added latency checking to multiboard.Mode selection dialog will be shown to host instead of Player 1.Removed Interest Upgrade. Requires Extra Testing Oblivion/Necromancy Tower Any bug? Report here : https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?showtopic=3390 Note to Developers : To compile this map, please use NewGen 5d + Vexorian's Jasshelper 0.A.2.B. You may find some cheats in the map, those are for bug hunting purpose. Only users with name in the list will be able to access the cheats. Element TD 5.2 B14.w3x Element TD 5.2 B15.w3x Element TD 5.2 B16.w3x Element TD 5.2 B17.w3x
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