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  1. Last choice is Radius. Doubles are Quark, Electricity, Magnify, Vapor, and Perpetual. Triples are Money, Laser, Nova, Torrent, Hail, Celerity, and Radius. Here goes an amazing game!
  2. Choice 5 is Hail. Choice 6 is Celerity
  3. Choice #3 is Nova. Choice #4 is Torrent
  4. I didn't feel like using trickery or forge, I just want to have a wide selection of triples. Choice #1 Money. Choice #2 Laser
  5. Choice #4 is Vapor, and I guess Choice #5 is Perpetual
  6. I see. Choice #2 is Electricity, and Choice #3 is Magnify
  7. My choice for Dual #1 is Quark.
  8. I accept your challenge, and Sunday would work for me.
  9. I would like to do something like this. My username is Sawneyrath, and I'm going to assume that I am in the NA realm.
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