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  1. Need to add autostart function for the game if it fills up. Host has been afk for 1 hour plus and no one can start a game.
  2. The hard and very hard mode has been made impossible with the nerfing of Hail towers especially in competitive mode. I think that's a reason why even less people are joining the game.
  3. If the tie breaker is decided by who kills the most Fruit in round 61, why is it that the person who gets the 16 bonus points is the last survivor and not the person with the highest fruit point? I think the survivor exp points bonus should be awarded to the player with the highest fruit point or a separate exp points bonus be given to the player with the highest fruit points.
  4. I think the experience points needed to level up after level 10 is way too high. I think that the experience points requirement should be decreased or as you level up you should receive bonus experience points. It's like in a RPG, the experience points requirement for the next level increases as you level up but you also get more experience points in the later levels.
  5. After the 1.4 patch every time I make a trickery tower the game crashes with the following error message about upgrading my video card driver. I did that and this still happens. Please advise.
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