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  1. If very hard had 1% interest you might as well rename the mode to -Impossible . As difficulties scale, monster hp increases and damage dealt by towers fall by a whopping 50%. Bounty aside, if you have half the money, deal half the damage, and have to face creep with 50% more HP, you're at 2*2*1.5 disadvantage or factor of 6 disadvantage. Now with 2% interest the comparison goes as follows. 0.5 * 2.0* 1.5 or a factor of 1.5 disadvantage. Obviously the numbers may be off or hypothetical, but it seems logical at the time of posting haha. So case in point, if you're looking at it in a money comparison, very hard would be balanced if each tower was as effective as a very easy tower. However, 4 very hard towers = 1 very easy tower currently, so they need the extra money to sustain.
  2. You're forgetting the part where all you have to do is build 10 towers at the spawn. Upgrade them to whatever you can. Nuke the wave in a few seconds. Sell. Once you do this a few times, it gets easier and easier. Tedious and NO strategy involved. You should try doing this and you'll see what I mean All that slow, fast, fastest 2 pass stuff doesn't matter anymore.
  3. I wonder if my argument was convincing enough for Mega
  4. You could add a box for "Choose amount of lives" Default it at 30, and have it range from 1, 15, 30, 50. This might make the live choices a bit more apparent since nobody really deviates from "Standard" mode.
  5. @ Mega. I do agree Ele TD should be about selling/reselling towers to do well. This is evidenced in first 25 waves where frantic micro of Ray towers/killing of grenades are used to catch leaks and maximizing income. Should you be forced to continue doing this throughout the game? No. Why? Because it detracts from the strategy and smart micro. Here is a before and after scenario. My before strategy: Delay building of high level towers till right after interest hits. Build only in certain 2 pass zones (fastest/faster generally to maximize interest) to maximize damage. Micro of certain towers (Impetus, Celerity, Obliteration etc.). Figuring out WHEN to upgrade towers (before fast/mechanical/healing or elemental weakness waves) to clear the wave with no leaks using only the minimum amount of towers. My after strategy: Build all strong towers at entrance. Insta-gib wave in 8 seconds. Sell all towers. Collect interest for 15 seconds - 75 seconds. Rebuild at 7 seconds to next wave. To me it seems like alot of the gameplay value was lost. The key point is that in the older versions, you were heavily rewarded for taking risk. Now, that reward is completely cut out, letting you play safely and rewarding that. Perhaps this is where we differ in opinion. I find the new changes VERY tedious and strategically unrewarding. As a suggestion to the Dev team. I feel like the resolution to this issue is to simply lower the Max lives or perhaps choose a global option for the host to set max lives; eg. 50 30 10, or 1. This way, high risk high reward players need to be much much more wary and would add to the replay value immensely. Honestly, I'd like to see a 1 life sudden death mode. You mess up, you're done. This would address the 'easy mode' that Mega pointed out in which you could just sit with 20% minerals spent and not worry about leaks.
  6. With the new resell changes and lower interest of 0.84, playing the game is getting more and more frustrating. In 0.83 and prior, to do well one would have to micromanage/resell grenade/ray towers for the first 20 or 25 waves to amass a decent interest pool, and for the rest of the game could relax a bit and figure out when was the best (or only) time to start upgrading elemental towers. This made positioning of towers extremely important, and use of 2 pass zones imperative. It also forced the veteran player to gauge the minimum amount of towers needed to clear the wave. If you built too many or in the wrong spot, lack of a resell option punished you for all future waves. Now the metagame is to build as many towers as possible, clear the creep wave instantly, and just sit back and kill towers. Positioning is no longer important, and it gets tiring as hell microing for an entire hour when all you're doing is building the same tower over and over and rekilling it. This is exceedingly tedious as towers do not build instantly and is (in my opinion) killing replayability due to fatigue alone. I can't begin to imagine when builder abilities go in and all it takes to counter a spell is to kill all your towers and rebuild them. Hell, I cant even imagine casting spells with all the tower killing and rebuilding i have to do. Please revert back to the old interest system, game is getting entirely too fatiguing for players trying to do well.
  7. The tower was bugged only in 0.82. It was fine in 0.81 (albiet with a different splash radius/attack speed setup)
  8. 988 Points, cant seem to get any more than that
  9. Just so you guys know, it didn't get a major re-work like the Flooding/Drowning Tower, just damage modification and etc. Before its change I heard a lot of people complaining about the tower; frankly, I liked it the way it was before. One of my main builds utilized the tier 3 Poison Tower with Comet, and I was able to mass the whole map with it depending on how slow my opponents were. I believe I got like 666 points with the build. Currently, I feel it got weaker. I'm no longer able to do that build anymore due to the new change to the tower. Back then it was very compatible with the Hail/Comet tower; though I don't play random anymore, I don't know how well it'd fair with the other towers, so perhaps the change to the tower made it more practical to get in randoms. So far with my experiences with the Poison Tower, I feel it got weaker, especially on the Fruit level. If I remember correctly, I massed quite a bit. I filled the 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 positions, and it just massaged the fruit. I got like maybe 10 fruit kills (something pretty low), it was horrible. Anyways, what do you guys think? 870ish points on Hard. Seems fine to me. Actually working out even BETTER than before with the new max AoE. Just gotta use Springs to buff the attack speed and watch it destroy high HP fruit. I also entered fruit with 18 lives and not max networth (~220k) due to some playing errors. Should be even more effective in a perfect game.
  10. I find that Poison tower is one of the best towers still. Well + Poison lets you quickly increase the AOE and you finish off the creep with Death tower. With a max cap of 9 AoE instead of 6, its even better than before for Fruits. The problem currently is that Poison tower is super buggy and multiple towers cannot attack the same creep so you'll see one creep get through 75% of your defense before real damage is actually done.
  11. Poison tower damages do not stack. Eg. If I build 30 towers and they all attack the same target, only one of them does damage. Especially buggy when killing a boss and all your towers end up doing 200 damage overall
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