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  1. Just an opinion, but is there really a value having a competitive battle with mixed difficulty? As dg86 said, and I agree, as long as you have a player on an easier difficulty push one on a harder difficulty, it will continue to have issues. Mixed diff competitive is like having a sports league that matches up amateurs with professionals and then punishing the professionals with a huge handicap. What's the point? The way I see it, standard mode is your mixed difficulty game, competitive mode should have the difficulty either set by host (if host picks the option) or most voted if picked by players. There's no real value in having competitive mixed difficulty. This way, it also differentiates the game types a bit more. Most games I get end up being standard, precisely because of the mixed difficulty issue on competitive. ============= On the semi-related note of difficulty balance, very hard is... incredibly hard. There's no reward for playing very hard because you fall way behind interest-wise against normal players, even with the increased bounty on very hard creeps (which I do agree with). The increased bounty comes far too late in play to push it on par with a normal player with a huge stockpile that's been interest gaining since wave 5. I suggest either an increase of bounty for harder difficulty that kicks in earlier, or a boost in interest rates for high difficulties. If competitive mixed mode stays, make very hard viable with perhaps a even bigger bounty increase, since interest comes even less into play. Thoughts?
  2. For me, I think the thing that kills this tower is the low projectile speed. Although life towers do less damage, they end up being a better tower because they don't waste as many shots hitting the same creep. I find that on the long pass, you can only get about 3 wealth towers before they start hitting the same creep. It's a slow, high damage tower, so it should be more efficient at cleaning up. Contrast this with the Celerity tower, which serves a similar purpose, but with an instant hit attack. Yes, Celerity does roughly the same damage (in a near optimal position) but faster and with longer range, but their targeting is better in that they don't waste shots on dead creeps. Then compare the Wealth vs Immortal towers. Wealth is 3 elements (x2 for top tier) vs Immortal's 2 elements (x3 for top tier) so the summon requirement is the same. However, if you look at the cost for dps, the wealth tower loses badly (Wealth: 2.5 mins per dps vs. Life: 2.27 mins per dps). Play this difference well with interest, and wealth tower's bounty advantage can shrink significantly. And like stated above, wealth tower's wasted shots lower the overall dps output further. Wealth tower could use a buff. I'd suggest fixing the projectile speed (if I remember correctly, the wc3 version of this tower had a fast flying coin, not the slow wavey corruptor shot the sc2 version gets). Start there and see if it fixes the issue.
  3. I do think that giving every 4 element combo a slow tower (or two) would be rather boring. However, it would be interesting to give other disabling effects to the combinations without slow (or rework some of the current slow towers into other effects). I'd suggest things like stuns, knockback, or teleport.
  4. Was playing a race game earlier today and noticed that red had 15 total summons. If i'm not mistaken, you only get 11 vespene in a game. Vespene bug? Attached the replay if you'd like to take a look. EleTD extra summons.SC2Replay
  5. Yes, all of us (except the lagger of course) pressed -yes when the kick command was started. We tried again after, but still no luck.
  6. Had 4 people left in one game (4 others schooled/quit). 3 remaining tried to kick the last guy (for lagging). 3 voted to kick, but the lagger wasn't kicked. How does the -kick work in counting votes to kick someone? Is it majority, or all remaining players? And does it properly exclude the people who've left?
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