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  1. Ok, I didn't know that. I thought it seemed strange that you would have to refill the energy before it was actually out of energy and thereby wasting at least 10 energy every refill. Although I can see how you thought, making it slightly harder to achieve the best efficiency out of the tower. If it's going to stay the way it is it would be nice with a proper error message instead of the "Error" that you get now.
  2. Played through the game on easy, and collected a bunch of notes in notepad. I'll just write them down here. I'm going to use this post for future reports as well, and I'll try to keep it organized. The map looks really nice, it's already enjoyable even though it's in early alpha. I certainly look forward to future updates! EleTD Version (as it appears in game): 0.5 SC2 Version: General/Creeps - Sometimes creeps won't go through the portal to go for a second round. -Health bars not showing on some levels. -Wave 53 has 3 hp. Towers - Obliteration tower: Not possible to use the manual reload once energy bar is empty. (Apparently working as intended.) - Nova tower: The upgrade to supernova tower doesn't require any higher element levels, costs only 1000 and doesn't actually upgrade the tower.Not actually slowing the creeps, according to the movement speed tooltip of the creeps. Muck tower slow is functional and showing up on the creep movement speed tooltip. The slow of the Barb Tower is working properly as well. - Torrent Tower: Same as with nova tower, can't be upgraded. Would be nice with a way to see how charged up the ability is. - Celerity Tower: This tower and it's upgrade made my first playthrough really easy. I don't think there's any bug with this one. The damage just felt a bit overpowered, since it still one shot things 20 levels after I built it. I did play on easy though, the feeling might be completely different on harder settings. - Laser Tower: I believe this tower takes up supply, probably because of the spawned interceptors. EleTD Playthrough 1.SC2Replay
  3. Been waiting for a good TD for SC2, so I was really excited when I saw this! Sign me up if possible! Vanquisher.329 Server: EU
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