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  1. This is the first bug I found so far, and I guess this is the appropriate section to post it: There is a typo is the upgrading from Disease to Decay tower description. It says to upgrade to Decay tower you need Darkness 1 and Earth 1, instead of Darkness 2 and Nature 2. When getting the lvl 2 Dark and lvl 2 nature, you can still upgrade it. Just a typo Same from going from Decay to Death tower: it says Dark 1 and Nature 1. Off topic: Decay towers are still so OP hehe
  2. I added you but we have to meet online. Find me on MSN/AIM/IRC or PM to arrange something. All right, I'll try to be on the entire week end, and stay in the chatbox
  3. no one added me yet =S Just to clarify: Character name: KLARC Character code: 387 Server: US Thanks =)
  4. Ok, thanks everyone for the help. I'm assuming It's the US version then. I also checked my account on Battle.net and it says North American Version. Character name: KLARC Character code: 387 Server: US Can't wait to try it out =)
  5. I'd like to apply, but how do I check what server I am playing on? I live in Canada btw... Character name: KLARC Character code: 637 (need to confirm that when I get back from work) Server: ???
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