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  1. Here's a list of things that should be fixed that I found (not sure if someone else listed them, but just in case): - The Quark tower icon just says structure/something/tooltip1 (or something like that) - The Disease Tower icon says the requirements are Darkness 1 and Earth 1, and keeps saying that all through the upgrades until you get the required Nature and Darkness levels. - The abilities description for the Disease Tower always stay the same all through the upgrades (though the abilities themselves DO increase) - The Pure Tower clones take up food. - There is no level 61 yet and the interest keeps coming after level 60. - The tower lists and tips from the SCVs don't work. - There's this blinking thing near the minimap that doesn't go away (not very relevant but very distracting). Well that's all I can think of and if these issues were already posted then my bad , anyways, Peace Ultimagus
  2. I don't know whether it's just me or not, but when I start the game, the moment the first wave starts everyone gets "defeat" and the game ends. PS I didn't know what this version is called (the alpha for SC2), so I couldn't put it in the title
  3. Laseraddict, 347, EU It's finally coming huh? I've been waiting sometime for it. It's one of my favourite TDs by far.
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