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    Tower Ranges

    I feel that the conversions are not fully converted or at least scaled. the ratio's are what's throwing me off. 6/8/10 feels right for most of the towers as they hit about the same range as WC3 ( electricity tower has... 10? or 11? range in sc2 and hits exactly the same as wc3) I feel that if the arrow/cannon(ray/grenade) are at 6 range and are for the most part accurate. however for light and dark towers with the 1500 range from wc3 arent the same ratio compared to the arrow towers. if arrow towers are 6, then light towers should be around 17-19. Light towers in the middle are barely even touching the bottom pass platform. I would take screenshots but I am absolutely exhausted. Hope someone can expand on this by taking a screenshot of wc3 using the -range 1500 / -range 500 commands and then showing the same tower in sc2 and compare it's range. I feel this is the most accurate way of converting tower ranges.
  2. I already told ya Karawasa, but I'll give it a whirl before I head to bed. 1. Illusion waves have 1 hp. They also don't get targeted by towers. 2. Light / Dark / impulse(celestial?) all have range 16, which isn't the same as wc3. Not a bug just thought I'd take note of it. Seems like the range on alot of towers aren't exactly the same, but it's not a problem 3. Nova to Supernova doesnt work but takes your money - same for Tsunami -> Torrent 4.Plasma towers don't autocast the plasma field. ( take no no autocast right click option either ) 5.Tsunami towers dont autocast even WITH the autocast on. Thats what I encountered with in my first game. More to come when I abuse it some more.
  3. Jello

    Element TD 0.0

    How do we get the game? I'm waiting with a bunch of friends on sc2
  4. US Jello - Jello.989
  5. Jello

    Alpha Signup

    Jello - 989 North America (NA) Can't wait.....much..longer.... Element TD was pretty much what kept me playing wc3...
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