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    ROFL - my greatest appreciation for all the hard effort you've made my next few months totally blissful thumbs up!
  2. MekleN

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    Brilliant - i keep loading sc2 and not finding him on, lol Thank you, and thank you again
  3. MekleN

    Alpha Signup

    I know we are all ansey for what will be the best game for the next while, but... -PEOPLE- Listen to what the man says, it must have taken SO MUCH WORK to make this happen... Leave him some peace - He will let us know when it's time, and he will TELL us when that is =P
  4. US MekLeN - MekLeN.241
  5. MekleN

    Alpha Signup

    Name :: MekLeN #241 US !!! I would LOVE to help you debug your game, waiting for this since day #1 of SC2
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