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  1. Current game version 0.19, SC2 Version 1.3.3 Tower Bugs/ideas - Tower will shoot the same target, even if one kills the target first, this leads to towers wasting a shot of damage, not sure if intended. - Cannon Tower, weapon tool tip says gunpowder tower weapon, though name of tower is cannon tower - Cannon Tower, shoots at target point not target, its not clear that this tower isn't a guaranteed hit - Magnify Towers tooltips seem very confusing, need to be display clearer information - Upgraded towers lose kill count? - Tower ranges do seem a bit shorter, I remember darkness lvl3 towers able to shoot bottom lane from the middle. - Pure darkness tower did not require me to purchase a pure with gas to build - Laser tower, phasor tower and perpetual tower have armor icons thats are missing, I don't think its meant to have the icon at all - Wealth tower weapon actors shoot large white balls with red and black spots and seem to only deal damage on every second shot - Jet Tower has hyro tower weapon name - Nova explode, change to only cast when units are in range rather than all the time, sound actor and visual gets annoying when its on always - Hex tower, has sound actors for in game nova unit. when you click on the tower - Same goes for phasor tower and barb tower with sound actors - Nova tower upgrade didn't work, it would take my minerals but remain a nova tower - Plasma tower weapon icon broken - Ion Tower weapon icon broken - Ion tower has to be micro'd? Doesn't have an autocast for its ability Map Bugs/ideas - Trees on Red on the edges of cliffs can be a block of vision at first, you start to ignore them later in the game but are in the way. Creep Bugs/ideas - Lvl 27 stalkers had two lots of creeps? red and purple ones? - What is this mechanical creep buff? - Lvl 51 I think, the cargo truck things, the death remains did not disapear, the destroyed truck remains there Game Bugs/ideas - Leader board Data completely unclear, currently its just a mess of numbers, not column titles or anything. I would also suggest upgrading to the use of dialogs. I would be happy to do this one for you guys if you like! - No wave information at all - Help Menu, there is a protoss tech tree with a photon cannon unit in it, probably not intended but needs to be removed and maybe add in all the towers in here? There is also a video tutorial here, again probably not intended and in no way related to the game - Towers target closest target rather than first unit in line, not sure if you can fix unit priority. But I beleive war3 always shot the unit ahead. - Builder speed seems to be really slow, maybe increase his speed 50%? - Implement more camera angles, ability to zoom out a bit further, lack of vision is a little annoying. - There is no way to tell what your current interest rate is at - There is no wave info on what is spawning - Very easy seemed rather difficult with mineral cheating - waves cleared from 50 onwards that I noticed would declare I cleared the wave before I had killed all the creeps - Possible to add the value of the tower in the sell tooltip, so that you know how much minerals your going to get back if you sell? Replay attatched That's all from me for now, after just one game Looks pretty darn good so far, looking forward to updates! Element Tower Defense _2_.SC2Replay
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