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  1. Guess I better make sure the SC2 version is up to par . Would save the headache that is the job market now. You are already well-trained in the art of missing release dates and producing stellar content which is *key* to fit in with Blizzard If not Blizzard, I'd totally buy EleTD as a indie release on Steam or something similar. If EleTD had achievements.. oh my god... it would be pure obsession.
  2. Man, bell-less and whistle-less EleTD is still leagues ahead of belled and whistled anything else on Starcraft2's TD category. I have been checking this thread twice a day and added every NA (USA) character code to my SC2 friends list. I will alpha test this mother into the ground!
  3. Can't wait! So sick of the cheap "inspired by" EleTD clone that's currently out there - real juice baby! Buzzkill.736 US
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