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  1. Wondering why you auto-emailed me as i havent really done anything in this project for months (Did i ever do anything? Lol) anyway, i like the idea of hero-like abilities rather than items, like theres 4 types of abilities and you can choose 1 ability from each type (e.g. "AoE, DoT, Chain, Single Target" would be a tier, "regeneration aura, interest bonus, movespeed bonus etc." would be a tier, and so on. Also, maybe like an ability that makes the next mob in that area elite, with 200% hp/mp/armor/images/etcetc)
  2. If you upgrade the quark tower, its upg is supposed to do 180 damage against composite while slow but it only does 90
  3. This is replay i told you about, kara. Edit: another bug report. I just got in a new game, and i picked very easy mode. It didnt do anything, so i kept clicking it. Eventually, i ran out of time and it went to the next dialog. I accidently picked whatever was in the same slot and went to the next one. When the selection was over, i had the select element mode dialog in front of my screen. Element Tower Defense.SC2Replay
  4. Ugh, IMO i agree Blizzard and Treyarch have just been shit lately blizzard aint doing shit, just trying to rake in money from WoW to buy xpensive porn Treyarch... Black ops has SO many glitches that fuck up gameplay. what do they do? fix the ones that are GOOD for gameplay and ignore the bad ones
  5. US Illidans911 - Joker.655
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