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  1. Yes.. I've noticed that if we command our tower to attack the image (not the real creeps), the tower get stop... But I think it's give us a luck, so if u'r tower get stop when u order to attack creeps, it means that creeps is image...
  2. Oh... I'm really² hate level 52, they going fast and using fire element, make my impulse tower become weak... 49 Ronald VH AP ES without life 4.3.w3g 48 Ronald VH AP ES without life 4.3.w3g
  3. Yeah... Another replays without life... this build i learn from Karawasa. He said "Impulse is a great "leak catcher"" n I tried that build on my replays n build many water tower because the weakness of this Impulse tower is fire... 8 Ronald VH AP ES mode without life 4.3.w3g
  4. Well... The combine of slower n well tower not help too much because make me lack of money... 69 Ronald VH AP mode 4.3.w3g
  5. Wew... I don't brave enough to posting it in the guide, because i'm just copying that strategy from u, and if u see it there's should be many² misplays on my replays...
  6. I've learned how to change my version with version switcher n learn the replays that holepercent made... And I'm just realize that not all the replays in 1.23... some in 1.24, n we don't have to change the version... I'll try another combination next time... 3 Ronald VH AP ES mode without life 4.3.w3g
  7. Another life combination... 47 Ronald VH AP ES mode 4.3.w3g
  8. I'm getting bored playing from level 1, so i'm using extra short mode now I'm always using life tower combination because i'm always failed if i'm not using it... hiks... T_T I'm waiting for someone to send replays here without life tower in VH 4.3 51 Ronald VH AP ES mode 4.3.w3g
  9. Oh noooo.... Only 73 Ronald now in 4.3 there's an error on minute 45 in the game... The life tower in the middle become angry and i don't know if it's still attacking or not... But it's good to lower the life tower damage, so we have to think another tower combine to complete this game... 73 Ronald VH AP 4.3.w3g
  10. Thx for the information... I've tried several combination that karawasa n holepercent said but i still can't reach ronald, oh my god... Maybe my tower position is still bad... I'm using so many vapor tower, n i think they sucks without slow tower, when creeps out n still alive from vapor range, it means good bye... but i'll try again with another combination later To Holepercent... Are there another replays with patch 1.24 ? I have trouble to change my version to 1.23 Thx...
  11. Thx for the replies... I'll try it soon... I want to ask about polar tower, is it include in slow tower ? Because if creeps hit by a polar, the status says that it get slowed... Is it true? between blacksmith n well tower, which is better in u'r opinion? the creator EleTD maybe has figure out that this 2 tower can't make to level 3 together because that can make a tower become crazy, so i have to choose... I want to give suggestion, give the tower option how to attack, automatic or manual, i mean the tower can be order to attack only the place (not target creeps) we have choose
  12. Hello I'm newbie here... At last i beat 154 ronald I'm using supernova tower and life tower I'm trying so many combination without life tower but i never reach ronald pls give me any suggestion tower without life in VH mode to reach ronald... VH AP 154.w3g
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