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  1. Since soul catcher is perfect in Ronald racing. By using soul catcher previously, after stalling for some rounds to get enough money, more than 200 Ronalds can be killed eventually. But it`s too time consuming...... So I`m trying to play a time racing. Finishing 60 rounds in 25minutes without any leak. Ended with 69 ronalds...... 69 Ronald in 28min.w3g
  2. say, the first leak -1life the second leak -2life the tirld leak -4life
  3. since the third pure element is hard to defeat. so......enless I think it should be stronger than level 2 triple tower...... I suggested to add one level up to the dual tower~~ so level four dual tower is better than level two triple tower. some exceptions: eidolon,waterfall,foundry,soul catcher. they are strong enough and only need a little buff.
  4. I`ve tested that every conjured tower cannot autocast. Including comet,hail,tidal and tsunami etc.
  5. conjured comet tower cannot autocast in 4.3
  6. Add this draft advertisement on the homepage plz~~
  7. I`m in~ where is the rule?
  8. Does magic type damage ignors creep`s armor? can Blacksmith boost Earthshaker`s AOE damage?
  9. necromancera


    the game finished with 35 lifes and ended up with 62 ronalds. I`ve also made many mistakes in the game T.T I ended with 30k gold because I built too many phasors...when they dealt damage, my computer became crazy and I could not move my mouse......may be next time I`ll try fanatic... since it won`t hurt my computer...... Again,I think wealth is too powerful, maybe it should be modified with lower damage but faster attack speed......or even slower attack speed to make it impossible to kill all creeps in one turn by using only one wealth- - draft.w3g
  10. Oh! I was so near in DRAFT A...... It seems that I should have read the draft strategy earlier......>.< Is DRAFT A still available? I mean......the mousepad and T-shirt ,hahaha~.~
  11. 4.2 using elfw, 123 ronalds... I`ve played another 3 type but no replay(because I used load game) one is 200+ronalds by using 2e 2l 2f 2w 2n 1d the second is 50+ronalds by using 2e 2l 2f 2n 2d 1w the third is 30+ronalds by using 3w 3n 2d 3intrest I think wealth tower is too powerful in the early period... 123 ronalds.w3g
  12. It seems that the rule of strategy doesn`t work... stalling is one of the game`s bug, not the player`s fault. so, what about giving a punishment to those who let the creeps flee twice. the punishment maybe losing extra life or permanently lose this creep.
  13. necromancera

    4.2 bug

    comet tower cannot cast storm. while hail do not have this kind of problem......
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