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  1. Yeah it's weird because I've never had it happen to me in previous versions, but all 3 games of SR I've played in 4.3 have glitched. Soooo I don't know.
  2. Hi again! I have found a new bug in version 4.3, it has happened to me three times so far. All three times I was playing Hard on Same Random mode. For some reason, after level 50, the random elements stop being the same for all players. It's as if the random generator "forgets" to give all players the same element after a certain point in the game and simply reverts to regular Random mode... I've uploaded 2 of the replays of games in which this has happened, hopefully you can fix it eletd bug.w3g eletd bug again.w3g
  3. Silly me I forgot to actually upload my replay Here it is Ele TD 4.2 Glitch _3.w3g
  4. I can confirm, it just happened to me on level 61 (Ronald round). My towers pooped out first (I'm purple), then when I lost, the red player's towers stopped attacking too. Replay is attached.
  5. Yay! thanks for fixing my bugs
  6. Hi again from the discoverer of the 4.2 interest glitch! A new bug has just occured! 4.2 All Random Short Mode. For some reason the game gave us 6 elements instead of 3 at the beginning of the game (Gave us 3, then glitched and gave us another 3, as well as an extra 1000 gold and an extra 30 seconds of time). This resulted in players getting 14 total elements instead of the usual 11. No idea what could've caused this glitch, and it's the first time it's happened to me. Replay of the glitch is attached. Ele TD 4.2 Glitch _2.w3g
  7. BUG CONFIRMED: It appears that when all other players lose all their lives then quit, the interest timer stops. This DOES NOT happen if the last player to quit (before you) leaves before he is "schooled." Here's a replay of the glitch happening. Fast forward past level 40, the 2nd place guy died on 42 or 43 I think, the glitch happens at level 44. (I'm in Area 4 - Purple) Ele TD 4.2 Glitch.w3g
  8. As soon as this happens again, I'll post replay. I didn't think to save it the other times
  9. I'm aware that the interest is supposed to stop at 60. However, what i said is that this happens in the middle of the game when every other player quits the game. I've had this happen to me 3 times now and I had to leave cause getting no interest from level 30 to 60 makes the game kinda impossible.
  10. canadian222

    4.2 bugs

    Found a pretty significant bug in 4.2, don't know if anyone else has reported this yet or not... When all other players die/quit, the remaining player doesn't get interest anymore. The game displays the message about having to face a "more sinister challenge" (the one you are supposed to get after beating level 60) and the interest counter stops going. Kinda kills the game, seeing as interest is pretty vital, especially late-game. Also, I experienced a bug with Area 5 (yellow), which sometimes doesn't get a fire elemental in its Summoning Center. I've seen it happen twice, once to me and once to someone else, but it doesn't happen every time, seems to be a random occurence.
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