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    Elephant TV

    The elephant tv is 249 euros or something
  2. Ethereal abillity (from tower tournament); abillity that significantly decreases the movement speed of a creep but makes it invurnerable to towers for a certain amount of time. This abillity must cost a lot of mana OR the tower that uses it must be Slow or Very slow. Patrol abillity; abillity that makes a creep patrol for a certain amount of time (or let it walk from A to B 2 times). This abillity must cost a lot of mana OR the tower that uses it must be Slow. Reverse abillity; abillity that makes ALL creeps walk backwards for 1-2 seconds. The tower that uses it must be Slow or Very slow OR the abillity must cost a lot of mana. Fragile Element abillity; abillity that spawns 1 wolf when a creep gets killed by this tower. The wolf attacks enemy creeps and with every hit from this wolf the creeps armor type gets changed. The wolf must not do much damage (it's abillity may be useful in some situations...) and must not attack too fast. Average is good enough I guess. Spike Trap abillity; abillity to put traps on the ground near the tower that has this abillity. The abillity must either have a big range or the tower is able to move so you can place this trap on different spots. The trap instantly kills a target (except the element ''bosses''), but disappears when it stroke 1 time (or little more). This abillity hasn't got a big cooldown/ doesn't cost too much mana, because 1 killed unit per trap isn't that much. Delay abillity; abillity that hits a target. When the target is hit, it doesn't recieve any damage. But after like 40 seconds it receives the damage (which is pretty big). Only downside: the effect will wear of when exiting the cave (and reappearing on the other side). So you must think well before placing. The tower that uses it must not be too fast (average-very slow will do fine) OR the abillity must have an average-very slow cooldown.
  3. I joined an EleTD game on b-net. I think it was v.2.2 (if such version existed?). After that I didn't play it again until not so long ago .
  4. Dont forget the Bonus game in the middle. Sometimes it's smart to invest a lot on that while sometimes it will result your death. You are right with the towers: First the 10 g towers, then a few 30 g , 1 90 g etc... to the best tower. But you forget the cold tower and the armor typ reducer. Sometimes it's smart to use them, sometimes it's not. Some races are good to mass while some aren't. It's important to think about that too. So there are a lot of things you can think about when playing this game and as it has so many races, you can play it a lot of times .
  5. Well I am able to like all music genres, as long as it's GOOD. I love some gothic metal, like Epica, Nemesea and Evanescence. Rock is also nice. Krezip is good...
  6. Maximusje

    Warcryptic here,

    Hi, I'm from Holland too - Uden . I've never watched Naruto (of course i've heard of it), but I'm not a real anime fan. Well, see you around on the forum then . Max
  7. Maximusje


    Hi, I'm Max, almost 15 years old and play Warcraft 3 for less than 1 year now (or something). I love to play Element TD, but I'm not a pro at it . I finished Very Easy and Easy on hero mode now, have tried almost all combinations. I'm looking forward to Element TD 4.0! I'll help you guys/girls with keeping this forum active! Max
  8. Fixed. Not mostly the same. One race has splash but bad range and slow attack speed. Another has multiple targets. Etc. Play it again and you will notice the difference between the races.
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    Reply button

    I think it's impossible to change things to this forum (I mean adding buttons). This is because this forum is a hosted one, isn't it?
  10. I would love to see an introduction subforum, just to say hi!
  11. I like: Soldier TD (v.7.5) - it has 40 builders each with different strategies so it has great replayabillity. Element TD (v.3.0) - love the use of armor types and attack types so you can test a lot of strategies and can play it a lot. Day of the Cow TD (v.0.99) - not very unique gamestyle but it has some unique races. Tower Tournament (v.3.0) - most unique tower defense map i've ever played. I can't explain shortly how it works, just download it and play it! Tree Tag - always fun to burn some trees (not in real life!)
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