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  1. Ok, my bad, that example wasn't good, I guess DWEL is a better example. There is no darkness damage tower in that build. I guess something basically should be done to balance each 4 element build. Seems like each element should ideally have more than one option for damage.

  2. I think my proposal would help balance the 4 elemental builds in terms of damage types available. Since support duals aren't meant to be used as damage towers, having 2 of the same element damage dual with a support dual really limits damage type choices in any 4 element build using those 3 elements. A good example is any build with WEF. Water damage is really hard to add to those three elements. The tower damage types are EFF and EFFF if you include blacksmith.

    It can be quite frustrating when you random an element and can't build duals/triples of that damage type. You end up limited to amplified towers and elemental arrows/cannons for that element.

  3. Right now, there are three pairs of towers that aren't as balanced since they overlap damage types and the third dual in those elements is a support dual. These pairs are Ice/Poison, Flame/Kindle, and Quark/Electricity. Changing Ice to light, Electricity to Fire and Kindle to Water would fix all three pairs. This is not as appealing from a flavor standpoint though for electricity and hydro, but I think the balance works better. It also gives fire a single target dual.

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