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  1. Hmm... I forgot the exact numbers, but I know many versions ago, life towers did very little damage, which is why I never really liked them. I could have a dozen fully upgraded Life towers and they wouldn't be able to kill a single level fifty something creep. I think that was around version 3.0 or something though. Ever since then, I preferred to just do as much damage in as short period of time as I could. That's why I usually either go Tsunami-Waterfall or Fanatic-Foundry build, unless it's random.
  2. One of the things I'm struggling with at the moment is managing each tower individually. I started off manually casting Spring Forward and Douse, but as I built more and more, I switched them to autocast.
  3. I'm generally good at tower defense games, and back in version 3.0 I was mediocre-ish at Normal Mode if I abused a lot of different slowing towers. After a long period without any free time to play games, I started playing 4.0, and I couldn't even beat Very Easy any more. Just now, I finally managed to barely beat Very Easy mode. I was wondering what I should do to improve. This is my current playstyle: W N L W N L W N L F F First few levels, 1 super cannon tower. Sell immediately after each round. Next few levels, 2 super cannon towers. Sell immediately after each round. When I have 275 gold, build an amplified water tower. I should have 100 left. "Level x 100" is always left unspent. Always. Build a Nature tower. Build a Well tower. Turn the Amp Water into an Ice Tower, then after Level 15, turn it into a Tidal Tower. Continue to build Well/Spring/Waterfall towers and Tidal/Tsunami towers until late game, but only when needed. Build 1 Supernova tower. Build 1 Monsoon tower. Build 2 Pure Light towers, and then 2 Velocity towers. Make sure each Tsunami, Pure Light, and Velocity tower has its own personal Waterfall tower. That way, they can all be buffed right away without having to wait for cooldown. The attached image is a grid showing what towers I have where by the time I reach the Ronald levels. I forgot to save a replay, and I don't have time to play another round at the moment. Maybe next week or something, when I don't have a test to study for. I suppose I should thank Cisz for the grid itself? I just borrowed it off of his old old tutorial and made a few cleanups and added the tower icons. I'll probably check back here tonight. Got classes and such.
  4. It's JASS, right? I know nothing about JASS... xD But I've got some people helping me out with my questions on The Hive Workshop, specifically a question thread about the aura I'm working on, so maybe someone in the thread knows how to read it? Edit: Thanks a ton! I now have a working Wrath-like aura! ^-^ I'm going to give you credit for helping out. :]
  5. Can someone tell me about how Zealot/Fanatic Towers work? I am making a map, and one of the heroes has an aura that basically gives all affected units something similar to the Wrath ability. I've hit two problems though. When the hero with the aura dies, the aura stays there on the ground, so any allies that pass by later can "pick up" the ability from out of nowhere. Also, even though the unit has stopped attacking and lost the attack speed bonus, as long as it remains in the aura's range, it can resume it's speed boost at any time from wherever it left off, even though it's supposed to start back from the slowest speed and gradually increase. If anyone wants to know what I'm working on, I have been posting in the Hive Workshop for help. The help thread for this aura is here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/world-e...trigger-156425/ Also, I was going to post this in the pinned "How Things Work" thread, but I can't because of the 90 day restriction.
  6. lol. I suppose you guys are right. XD Sorry for not knowing what's going on. With senior year of high school crashing into my life, i dont have much time to play games and I've been behind on all kinds of gaming stuff, EleTD included. I just randomly came up with a few ideas and thought i'd put em up in case they were worth something. Here's a really stupid idea i came up with, but it might at least bring a couple of laughs. Scorched Structure / Burning Building / Flaming Factory: When an enemy creep comes within 600 range, this burnt building will burst into flames, and then random pieces of flaming wood will begin to fly out. Every 0.5 seconds, a piece of flaming wood will be lauched out into the air in a random direction at a range of 400-500. When a piece of debris lands, creep within a 100 AoE around the landing spot will take 600 damage and be stunned for 2 seconds. They have a 5% chance to be set on fire, burning them for 150 damage per second for 30 seconds. As a last resort measure, the entire building can be blown up to deal 60,000 damage to everything within a 900 AoE, destroying this tower along with it.
  7. I hope this isn't too powerful. Chain Bomb Tower: Fires a glaive (the kind from the NE glaive-thrower) up to 400 range. The glaive strikes a target, dealing 2000 damage. It then bounces at random target up to 200 range away. It strikes and deals 2000 damage, then bounces again. It can bounce an unlimited number of times until there is nothing else within range. It can only hit each target once, meaning it cannot strike something it has hit before. When the glaive is out of valid targets within range, it will explode, dealing 3000 damage in a 400 range AoE. Chain Explosive Tower: Fires a glaive up to 600 range. The glaive strikes a target, dealing 3000 damage. It then bounces at random target up to 400 range away. It strikes and deals 3000 damage, then bounces again. It can bounce an unlimited number of times until there is nothing else within range. It can only hit each target once, meaning it cannot strike something it has hit before. When the glaive is out of valid targets within range, it will explode, dealing 4500 damage in a 600 range AoE. The numbers are, of course, going to change. Ignore the damage, which can be easily tweaked later for balance. What do you think of the concept? Edit: Oh, to clarify, each individual attack can't repeat targets, but after one glaive explodes, the next glaive from the same tower can still hit the previous glaive's targets.
  8. This would be a crazy addition, but what about a new upgrade for the Super Cannon and Arrow Towers? When the player has one of each element, they can upgrade into Prism Towers for a much higher cost than the single element upgrades for the Super Cannon/Arrow Towers. Prism Towers: [*]Cycle between elements on attacking: Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature, Earth, Light, and so forth...[/*:m:2hfb5hp0] [*]Attacks have high range and low cooldown[/*:m:2hfb5hp0] [*]Prism Cannon Tower has splash[/*:m:2hfb5hp0] [*]Prism Arrow Tower has no splash, but much higher damage than cannon[/*:m:2hfb5hp0] [*]Up to 4 (maybe) allowed on a map[/*:m:2hfb5hp0] Another idea that probably won't work: A tower that moves. o_O The tower would be some sort of tank tower or something with maybe 80 MP, and the tower has low range, high damage, low cooldown, no splash, and you could move the tower for maybe 5 MP per square on the building grid (each tower is 2x2 on the grid). The tower would only recover 1 MP per 8 kills, and the upgraded form(s) would give 1 MP for less kills. Edit 1: Crazy idea 3! A tower that has low damage, 0.1 second cool down, 600 range, and maybe splash damage. Basically, super super hard to kill with. However, when you kill it, it will increase interest rate by 1% for maybe 30 seconds.
  9. hmm.. sure. The thing is, i'm not good enough at Element TD to be able to determine whether or not an idea is good. Honestly, I have trouble beating very easy mode. The only reason i know what's beyond 60 is because my older brother can beat level 60 (i dont know which mode) So what i'm saying is... I'm just throwing out random ideas that I think of, hoping that something works out Edit: Another idea: Clock Tower, Time Tower, Chrono tower This tower has a 600 range attack, with a 0.25 second cooldown. Each tower of this type cannot be built within 700 range of another one. This tower attacks all targets within its range. Its ability is every attack slows the target's movespeed by 1%, stacking up to -99% movespeed. When a target leaves it's attack range, its movespeed returns to 100%.
  10. Ochibi

    Sandbox mode?

    I don't really understand what you mean... As far as i can tell, in addition to personal experience, this kind of mode would make it easier for newbies to learn the game. Ok. I've had a chance to try 4.0, and i like it. For this sandbox idea, I'm thinking: In the beginning, there's an option where people can vote to play sandbox mode. Players can choose their settings like mentioned above by other posters. I don't know how gold will work, but that'll be implemented, edited, changed, revised, and whatnot until it works right. Also, when players are ready for the real deal, everyone needs to ready-up or the host can just make the final decision. My idea is that the host can't force-start unless at least half of the players are ready. 1 player in game requires 1 player ready (no duh...) 2 players in game requires 1 player ready (i would assume the 2 people know each other) 3 players in game requires 2 players ready 4 requires 2 5 requires 3 and so forth... this way, players can't stall indefinately, and the host can't be a and just start when everyone else isn't ready. (side question: is it okay to swear here, if i just censor 'em all with emoticons? i've seen it done in other forums, and quite frankly, it gets funny at times. XD)
  11. Static tower, Zap tower, Tazer tower [*]No attack or low damage attack[/*:m:3nkc2y3o] [*]Each tower creates an electric link between itself and any other towers within a certain range (maybe 600 range?)[/*:m:3nkc2y3o] [*]Each time a creep touches a link, it is stunned for .2/.4/.6 seconds (stun time increases when tower upgrades to next form)[/*:m:3nkc2y3o] [*]When a link stuns a target, it can't stun the same target for another 2 seconds[/*:m:3nkc2y3o] [*]Touching the link also deals some damage to the creep[/*:m:3nkc2y3o] [*]The link's range limit prevents people from creating a Tazer tower on two ends of a long path[/*:m:3nkc2y3o]
  12. Ochibi

    Sandbox mode?

    yeah. that's much better. yeah. I haven't had time to check out the new one, with SATs, parents being home, and high school work. In other words, it would be nice if during the sandbox mode there was a way to choose to go to the main game.
  13. I have an HP pavilion a645c, running Windows XP home edition, and something happened that utterly pissed me off. I went away for a awhile, and when I came back, it was on standby. No biggie. Just hit a button on the keyboard and it should spring back to life. Click. nothing. okay, maybe it didn't register the click. just try again. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. ok.... what the hell... I tried every button, a ton of combination things like ctrl+alt+del, I double... triple checked my monitor to make sure it hadn't died (HP had a monitor recall a while back due to monitors dieing out.) Nothing would turn it on, and I lost about two hours of work and creativity. In the end, I had to hold the on/off button on the computer to force shut down. Now that it's on again, I'm typing this post right away before it might happen again. I have no idea what the hell just happened, and i'm hella pissed off right now. if it can die out like this, do I have to save every few seconds? I know it won't do any good, but I have the urge to slam my computer with some textbooks or something. If it was something living and could feel my anger, I'd definately do it. Anyone know what's wrong with my computer that just went into a short coma?
  14. Here's a set of 6 towers. What's nice about this is that if all six are added, they could be beneficial to practically any build. Synergy Towers: all deal damage of their element to a single target, and their auras only affect other Synergy Towers and themself Bright Tower: aura increases attack speed a bit Shady Tower: aura gives a % chance for critical hit Cold Tower: aura gives towers an attack that slows creep a bit Hot tower: aura increases damage a bit Wild Tower: aura adds Damage over Time to attacks Rocky Tower: aura gives splash or increases splash AoE to attacks The auras should only affect the touching Synergy Towers next to or diagonal to itself, so for example: Red = Synergy Tower giving aura Blue = affected Synergy Towers [X][X][X] [X][X][X] [X][X][X] ---------------- And here's a 3-element crazy tower and the upgraded form: Interest Tower: The interest tower's attack does about 4000 damage with 700 range and 1 second cooldown, and stores the number of kills. It has a skill that gives bonus gold and uses an interesting formula: Bonus Gold = (Stored Number of Kills ^2) / 5 So... say for example, it manages to last-hit 10 creep in a wave. if you use the skill, you earn: Bonus Gold = 10^2 / 5 = 20 gold Yes, that sucks. Don't use the ability so often. If you only have 5 kills, you will only get 3 gold (2.5 gold rounded up). Now... lets say we're patient and wait for 20 kills. Using the skill earns you: Bonus Gold = 20^2 / 5 = 80 gold Still not much. Let's go to the extreme and wait for 50 kills. This would earn you: Bonus Gold = 50^2 / 10 = 500 gold So, basically, the longer you wait, the more money you get. The kills are individual for that tower, so kills from one Interest Tower don't add with kills from another Interest Tower. Also, the Interest Tower should have a 5 second CD skill that costs nothing and it makes text appear that tells you how many kills it has. Bank Tower: The bank tower is basically the advanced form of the Interest Tower. Its attack does about 20000 damage with 700 range and 1 second cooldown, and the formula is slightly different: Bonus Gold = Stored Number of Kills ^2 10 kills = 100 gold 20 kills = 400 gold 50 kills = 2500 gold The only worry i have is that this would add too much gold, making it unbalanced. Still, the concept is interesting.
  15. Ochibi

    Sandbox mode?

    Does Element TD have a sandbox mode? By sandbox mode, I mean a mode where someone can test their tower build for damage output. Here's my suggestion: - Sandbox as a voting option for game mode 1 - In sandbox, a super high hp granite golem (keep it different than the killer level at the end so that newbies won't have the surprise spoiled ) will go from start to finish. 2 - The arcane vaults that dispensed elementals will instead dispense a golem upon clicking. 3 - After the golem makes its way to the end, a message will appear for everyone stating how much damage that player did to their golem, for example: Player 1 dealt x damage. or... Player 2 dealt x damage. or... Player 3 dealt x damage. and so on, depending on who sent their golem. 3 - After a player's score is displayed for about 6-12 seconds, the arcane vault will restock a golem for that player so he/she can dispense another one when ready. 4 - maybe while this mode is active, include a large circle of power in the voting area. When the players feel they are ready to go for the real deal, they can send their voter onto the circle of power. When it has been unanimously decided to start the real game, everything will be cleared off, and the game will return to the beginning where the host decides to either 'make the decisions alone' or 'allow a vote'. What do you think? Combining the detailed tower information available on this site with this sandbox option will make it easier for newbies to start off and it will be easier for even good players to try out a new build.
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