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Gold bug

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I found a bug that occasionally occurs when using gold towers the game will erroneously grant bonus gold for a single kill to multiple towers. This results in a single kill granting more gold the more towers  it assigns the killing blow. Why it does this I haven’t pin pointed but I have replicated the bug several times by rebuilding 10 towers and reselling them repeatedly to ensure they all shot at the same time.


i know you aren’t updating this version and have moved it to the graveyard but identifying it may be useful for the next version you are making. 


The first picture is a screenshot showing when the bug occurs naturally you can end up with 30-50k gold more than you would normally get if the bug didn’t occur.


 To test this I built and sold gold towers over and over during waves immediately insuring multiple towers got the killing blow; this caused a second bug which caused the game to misshandle how gold is awarded and this is what happened:  




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