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Question about achievement

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I've been enjoying elememt td.

I have only 2 achievements left but I tried following description but I cannot unlock for some reasons.

So, I would be the grateful if you give me specific example for Rainbow defense and Minimalist-Maximus.


So far, I've tried 7 towers which were periodic and one of each element towers for Rainbow Defense in Express without any duplication of element type any time.

And I tried exact 9 towers which were some mixed(including lvl 2) and some lvl 4.

But never exceed 9 at any time.





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I'm glad that you've been enjoying Element TD. Both of the scenarios that you listed should have qualified. A few questions to help us figure it out;

  • Did you complete the other achievements in Express too or just these?
  • What map(s) did you try these on?
  • God mode was off correct?

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Thanks for reply.

Yes I completed every achievememts except those two. I played "Grove" without any mode (God, chaos, rush etc)

I tried several times but didnt work. 

I also tried other maps but didnt work.

I wonder what I did wrong

Interestingly, I completed in hard mode. But with same method, I could not unlock in insane mode. 

So as far as I understand, those should be qualifed in either Express or Classic mode right? And I should have only 7 differnet type towers for Rainbow and 9 towers for Min-Max regardless of level (e.g. lvl2 tower or mixed tower whatever) correct?


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That is so odd. It sounds like you are doing everything right especially since you got it to work on Hard. Perhaps there is a bug with Insane.

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Pure suicide is the only achievement I can’t seem to unlock. I tried using only level one duals and periodic; still could not get the achievement to open.

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I can verify this is an issue, I've tried to get max level rainbow defense on mobile several times and it never seems to qualify. I've tried different maps, and one time I even built one of every T1 tower at once to try and get it. I've got it unlocked for hard, but can't get it past that for some reason. I was able to get pure suicide though, although it was a long time ago.

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On 5/6/2018 at 6:41 AM, spark148 said:


我一直在享受elememt td。




到目前為止,我已經嘗試了7個週期性的塔,並且在Express中為Rainbow Defense嘗試了每個元素塔,其中任何時間都沒有任何元素類型的重複。







About Minimalist-maximus, you can try only 8 tower , I remember it worked.

Then, about Rainbow Defense, I got same problem, Very hard and insane not worked, even I building every towers.

but I completed this on normal level, I don’t remember how to made it, maybe I complete from old version, I am not sure.

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