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Loved the Mobile game. Are there any plans on making more TD games?

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I recently purchased Element TD for iOS and I love it. It's SO DIFFICULT to find true Tower Defense games for mobile apps, most of them being modified TD genre games or very imbalanced but this is what a TD game should be.


Are there any plans on making more TD games besides Element TD? I really liked Gem TD back in WCIII (the original one, not that garbage in DOTA 2) and it would be amazing to have it on Steam or iOS as well. As far as I know it doesn't have any copyright claims so it's up for grabs right?


Also a suggestion. It would be helpful if the game's HUD showed the current points on all elements at all times as an option so I don't have to click the mana button to see what I have. I hate I have to click it every time I want to see what I get when I play random mode.

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@Drodo This is a long overdue reply so I apologize for that.


Yes, Gold Rush TD for Android/iOS is in development. An end of the year release is planned. But it deviates from ETD and resembles Kingdom Rush instead. That said, I can assure you that it will not play like a modified TD genre game. It has radical game mechanics unique to the TD genre.


A game that is far more up your alley is Element TD 2. It's in development as well but it won't be a mobile app. ETD2 will be a multiplayer and 3D game for PC.

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