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please change/fix the voting system

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currently the system tries to find some common ground even in cases in which a vote is 3:1 with 3 people voting exactly for the same thing and 1 person voting for something else. so when 3 people want to play normal mode and 1 person votes insane then the result will be hard which does not help anyone at all. hard is not really close to insane and its also not what the other 3 people wanted, otherwise they would have voted so in the first place. currently this system is abused by persons trying to spite the other 3 people who all voted for normal by voting insane then. imho if the result is as clear as 3:1 then the vote of the 4th person should be ignored, as that person is clearly in the wrong game if he wants something different (bad luck). atm there is just more often abuse with the way its currently working as it is really of help for the majority of players.

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