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Basic 4-element builds with no aoe slows

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Water, Fire, Nature and Earth with tier 3 quake:





Light, Water, Nature and Earth with tier 3 tidal:




Light, Darkness, Fire and Earth with tier 3 flamethrower



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Duals: vapor,well,hydro,flame,blacksmith,moss
Triples: impulse,haste,ephemeral,quake


This is one of the few builds with no triple support tower available. However, you have access to two dual support towers (well and forge), only one which can be maxed at tier 3 due to having 11 picks only.


Duals: ice,life,atom,well,hydro,moss
Triples: tidal,polar,enchantment,ephemeral


A combination with two support triples (polar and enchantment) available, together with a dual support (well). A choice has to be made whether to go for a tier 3 support triple or fully upgrading the well tower and a damage triple to tier 3.


Duals: trickery,electricity,atom,magic,gunpowder,blacksmith
Triples: runic,laser,gold,flamethrower


One of the other builds with no support triple but two dual support towers available. Take advantage of the DEF cycle of damage towers here. With almost equal value of towers dealing earth, fire and darkness damage, the build has essentially no elemental weakness.


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Duals: poison,magic,disease,vapor,well,flame
Triples: corrosion,flooding,jinx,impulse


With this combination, you have 2 triple support towers (corrosion and jinx) and a dual support tower (well) available.


Duals: trickery,ice,life,poison,disease,well
Triples: hail,obliteration,tidal,flooding


Another combination with no triple support but two support dual element towers (trickery and well) available.

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