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Patch 1.13

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Annnd over a month later, we're back! Sorry for the delay on new patches folks, we're in a bit of a transition period as we have a new person leading balance/development, most of the staff of the game are too busy to do more than quick updates, etc. The patch actually would've taken longer, buuut a recent Dota 2 patch broke the game and we had to release this earlier than intended. Just a note, Tooltips are not updated yet, we had to rush this out. Anywho, here you go!

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the "towers don't do damage to creeps" bug introduced by the Battlepass Patch.
    • Fixed the lack of particles when selling towers.
  • Scoring
    • Speed is back, baby!
    • Base Time for clearing Classic Mode decreased from 45 Minutes to 40 Minutes.
    • Base Time for clearing Short Mode decreased from 35 Minutes to 30 Minutes.
    • Endspeed Score Multiplier for both Classic & Short Modes increased from 1.25 to 1.5
  • Balance
    • Tier 3 Slows nerfed from 70% to 60%
    • Life maximum lives reduced from 75 to 70. Likewise on Co-op, it's been reduced from 150 to 140.
    • Disease formula has been altered to... some formula that's rather complex. Nutshell, it's waaaay more exponential than before. If it starts shooting something at 20% health or less, it'll be dead soon. 10% or less, it might as well be an instant kill.
    • Disease damage increased from 100 / 500 / 2500 to 140 / 700 / 3500
      • Note, this change is not in yet, it'll be in w/ the Tooltips within the next day.
    • Vapor reworked!
      • Old: Hits all creeps in range, then for each creep hit, it set off a secondary shockwave around that creep with lesser AoE.
        • Given that's equated to somewhere over 100 calculations per hit, it was laggy as heck, and also impossible to balance.
      • New: Hits all creeps in range. For each creep within its range, its damage is increased by a flat amount.
      • Ability Damage decreased from 30 / 150 / 750 to 25 / 125 / 625
    • Flamethrower Napalm now has a duration of 15 Seconds. Additionally, all stacks refresh their duration if hit by another Flamethrower Tower.
    • Flamethrower Napalm damage reduced from 240 / 1200 / 3600 to 200 / 1000 / 3000



That's it for this patch! From here on out, we'll have new patches ideally every 3 weeks, give or take a bit. Next one might be sooner, if nothing else, to finish the remaining shenanigans from this patch and possibly tweak scoring a tick more.

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