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Is the scoring multipliers working?

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Great game now even for android! great work!

There is some stuff that you could improve, tho most of them that i was thinking about was pointed out by another member here on the forums in an different thread, now to my matter:


The scoring points feels like it need an overlook, or maybe its working as it should just that i have missed something? :)

So for a normal game for each wave, if u kill the creeps at spawn point u get the following multipliers?

Difficulty Bonus: x1.0

Clean Bonus: x1.3

Speed Bonus: x1.9 (i think this is the highest u can get?)


Here is two screenshots, this one at the start of wave 55:

Start of wave 55.jpg

And when wave 55 is complete your score make a jump, in this case from 179k to 978k.After wave 55.jpg


If its working as intended whats making the score go from ~200k to ~900k?

what multiplier is kicking in after final wave, or is there some hidden multiplier that kicks in after final wave? :)


Best regards






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That's a result of being on God Mode. Because you've got a bunch of towers + 99,999 Gold, it's adding a bunch of score to your total score based on your total Networth, which is the total sell values of all your towers + your remaining gold, and then a total speed bonus is multiplying off of that. If you weren't in God Mode, well the score would still jump up by a lot, but not that much, lol.


Admittedly, the scoring system probably needs some tweaking, and I'll see if I can re-calculate some things so we can get a more refined system in the next week or so. Twill also be putting up a "how scoring works" thread on here within the next few days.

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I played some games after i made the post and for some reason i have not payed much attention to the game over screen, where the information that you are talking about is showed. Then that explaines much why it jumps as some values is left out for each wave and is collected throughtout the whole game and then rewarded. Like it is now as u get your big "bonus" when you complete wave 55 there seems like no point in doing the boss waves as they reward you with less score then the waves.

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