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Quality vs. Quantity

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Later down the road, I wanna eventually apply a patch that fixes something. It's intended by design that higher tier towers are more efficient than lower tier towers, so logically, Quality > Quantity. However... it's skewed too much towards quality. To the extend that a number of builds (especially when you get random'd them) get horribly screwed over, and especially with build order. Like, you can't do a straight 6-element rush. It just sucks cause it's horribly inefficient. Late-game, once most of them are level 2, then it's great, but until then, we like to refer to it as ran-doom-ed.


This all started when I started tweaking costs and looking at DPS/Gold Values via this chart (which I know is out-of-date and isn't sortable yet cause I suck at spreadsheet functions). Anyhow, I was thinking the jump between the tiers on Dual-Element Towers was really high compared to everything else, so I started cutting down costs on Single-Element & Triple-Element Towers. Then thar was the scaling changes and moar cost changes, whatever, blah blah blah. Nutshell, I screwed up a balancing thing without realizing it.


Anywho, I want some input towards this regard. I was thinking of increasing the gold costs of all Tier 2 & 3 Towers (regardless of whether they're Single, Double, or Triple Element), with the idea being this'd nerf quality enough so that quantity still matters. Obviously it wouldn't be nearly as efficient, but it should be viable to some degree. That said, I'd probably also reduce the hp scaling hike on the creeps a bit as well.



I probably won't attempt to apply this for another 2-3 weeks, there's various other fixes and things that we're gonna test out before this happens. In the meantime, I'd like some input and suggestions towards this matter.

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