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Can't get past 200k

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Hi guys first post here, 


I've been using the guide lava thing made and only been able to reach 200k even in sand box mode where I place all the towers on wave 1 - 10 I need some help understanding where I'm going wrong. I'm not leaking till 2nd boss wave either

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There's a few things I can say to possibly help you out...


Firstly, if "the guide lava thing made" refers to his Nature/Water guide, it was written for a different version of the game. In this older version, speed was the single biggest factor in obtaining high scores, which meant you always play on Rush Mode. This is no longer the case. In the current version, the highest scoring builds are all "slow" builds, that deliberately take a long time to clear waves in order to build up gold via Gold Towers (fire light earth), and then clearing 6+ boss waves. Lavathing's guide was written for games that lasted a max of 31 minutes; current top scoring games take over 65minutes. It is possible to get a high score using a "fast" build, such as Nature/Water, but is much more difficult now compared to when Lavathing's guide was written.


Secondly, the higher your difficulty, the higher your score. Normal mode gives x1, hard x2, very hard x3 and Insane x4. This means if you kill 100 frogs on normal, and 60 on insane, insane mode will have the higher score. Chaos and rush mode are meant for fun play, not for chasing the leaderboard, and so rush mode actually gives you a lower socre than classic (since you do not get some bonuses that have been added to classic mode). Try playing higher difficulties without the chaos/rush modes, and learn to play those modes well.


Thirdly, alluded to in my first point, hunting frogs is currently the best way to earn high scores. In order to hunt large quantities of frogs, you need to come up with, or copy, a build that uses a mix of good towers, built at good positions, along with slow playing -- slow playing allows your interest to build up, giving you more towers to kill frogs with. It is quite possible to get over 200k score on hard or maybe even normal mode, if you kill enough frogs.


A final point, one you may already be aware of, is that quality is always better than quantity. It is better to have 1 upgraded tower than to have 4 towrs of the lower tier (and it costs less also!). Similarly, if you build any "support" towers (slows, damage amps, blacksmith/well/trickery), it is "usually" better to have them at their highest forms. a Single well 3 is better than both a well 2 and a blacksmith 2.


Happy hunting.

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