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Clearing Nature Elemental 3 on the current build

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As you might already know, the current rush choas insane build is the water and nature 33 rush. But i find myself always having trouble clearing the nature elemental when i hit my 6th upgrade point. Any help with that? I can kill it half the time but I find like it takes a lot luck cause if the wave has the heals when a creep die, or if i get a fire wave, i usually wouldnt be able to ever kill it. 

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you try getting it after wave 20 i guess?

you should have about 4 focused nature towers + 1 well tower

if its not enough maybe adjust your placement or sell one of them and rebuild it on another place so that it can continue to hit the elemental

the type of wave shouldnt matter because you get some break time for killing the elemental

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By the time you are on level 20 to get nature 3 you should have enough gold for 4x Nature 2 towers + 1x Well 1/2 tower. Try aim for this with about 300 spare gold. I never really check the exact numbers since rush + chaos insane is very hard to keep track of for numbers and exact build paths since you can get your build interrupted by a reanimate fire which requires Water 2 towers to clear. Always keep in mind there is no absolutes in this mode so always be ready to reset if you plan on getting a high score.


Refer to the image below for what I'm about to explain:

• Build the primary bulk of your nature towers around the upper left corner with a level 1/2 well tower buffing them.

• Be ready to build and sell 2 of your Nature towers from the upper left corner (The ones that are placed in a less conventional position compared to the rest).

• Build, upgrade then sell nature tower/s at 5, 1 and 3 in that order as the nature elemental walks past them.

• Be ready to sell all the built nature towers at 1 or 3 and start rebuilding at the upper left corner to catch the wave assuming you had 2 nature towers there killing creeps as they flowed in.

Note - If the following level is a fire or reanimate you should reset since its basically impossible to clear while buying/upgrading/selling towers to kill the nature elemental 3. If the level is an earth then you're probably on your way to a high score!


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