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Disconnect On Game Start

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I'm pretty bad at writing so I'll give you the series of events in which they occured:

  1. create single player custom lobby
  2. load into game sucessfully (by myself, just to be clear).
  3. select preferences to play 
  4. press vote button
  5. game goes laggy during "waiting for rest of players to vote" period
  6. game seems to freeze before showing the preferences have been set pane.
  7. upon clicking "OK" game freezes again and puts me back into Element TD home page in the Dota 2 browser (read just like a disconnect from normal game of Dota). Error reads, "Timed out from server," which should have been my computer?
  8. I reconnect to game (instantly and successfully) and the first wave seems to have started right after I clicked the OK button since it was halfway through the maze when I reconnected.
  9. The rest of the game performed perfectly, and I had a great time! :)

I'm not too good with the Dota console and didn't capture this event on film so I'm sorry about that. If it helps this is a recurring bug (happened twice), same thing happened both times at the same spots.

Thanks new custom game! It's really a lot of fun.


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The exact same thing has been happening to me too. It only started happening after they added the dedicated servers. Otherwise once I get back in the game performs perfectly fine.

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I have the same problem. When i connect to lobby and the game starts it disconnects i one of these events:

1) Instantly when the game starts
2) After it loads in
3) Vote window bugs and than diconnects
4) I vote, than after vote it disconnects

Mind that when i reconnect its work perfectly fine till the end of TD.

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