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Rules about replay and map versions.

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Warning: This is a boring and uninteresting post, but it's important. If you ignore this stuff, people will hate you and steal your yoghurt. :P

When posting a replay, please keep in mind that in order for anyone to actually watch it, the following things must be met:

  • -Correct map version.
  • -Correct filename and folder.
  • -Correct version of Warcraft.

In detail this means:

-To watch the replay, your viewers have to have a copy of the same version of the map that you used for recording the replay. You can assume that all viewers will have the latest version of the map. If you use a different version, please tell us which version. Please note: The filename can be misleading about the actual version of the map. You can get the latest version here. And the older versions can be found here.

Please note, that there are many fake versions out there, lurking to be played. The only official versions of the map are: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 (on april 2009). There have been some other beta and rc versions of the map. Those are unfinished test versions which are know to have bugs and ballance issues. Please don't host any beta versions including the 4.0 public beta, or join a game on them. (And yes, many of the betas and rc's are fake versions too. And I won't tell you which.)

-The viewers copy of the map has to have the same filename and location in his tft installation as the map you used to record the replay. If the filename or folder doesn't match, this is usually not the viewers fault, it's your fault. The official name of the 4.0 is "Element TD 4.0.w3x". They belong into the "Maps\Download" folder.

-The version of tft (Warcraft III: The frozen Throne) you used to record the replay with, has to be the same as of the viewer. You can assume that all viewers have patched their game to the latest version. There are ways to watch older replays, but they are painfull. At any rate, if you post a replay on an outdated version of tft, please tell us whitch version of the game it was.

So, you have been warned. -_-

Edit - Updated on 24.4.2009.

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