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Guest CptnWaffles

Hey Ya'lls

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Guest CptnWaffles


Name is Waffles, literally. Odd nickname that has stuck to me for years now. I figure I could've gotten worse so I embraced this one.

I'm a programmer that works part time at a game store in good ole sunny California. Recently I stepped back from WoW and into Warcraft 3 (dang you Blizzard, maybe you do own my soul. You certainly will once Starcraft 2 comes out).

As a fan of team games, I fell into step with this game and was sad to find I couldn't open the map file to inspect the gears that made it tick, so I began working on my own. After inspecting the guts of a few other tower defenses, I've come up with a list of my favorite features from each one and would now like to compile them into one UBER TD.

Not much else... but am glad to see there's interest in continuing to create and maintain good content.

Hope to see you all around!

~Waffs 8)

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