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Extreme, VH, Random Victories

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Well it's been a while since I've done some Extreme-Random games. It's also the first I've done while actively a member on the forums, so I thought I'd post it up.

I love Extreme-random for its frenetic pace and zero tolerance for mistakes. I find it also helps me fine-tune my play, though I'm still rather sloppy during the early game. I'll have more up soon.

Extreme, Random, Very Hard:

Extreme_ VH_ Random _ FFFDDDEEENW.SC2Replay Aug 14, 2012 - Not the best run I've had. If I seem impatient through the beginning that's because I am <_<. I lost a game before this one due to a purely bone-headed mistake on my part.

Extreme_ VH_ Random _ LLLDDDFFNNW.SC2Replay Aug 16, 2012 - A much cleaner run compared to most of my others. Getting level 3 trickery made this one easy.

Extreme, Random, Very Hard, Short:

Extreme_ VH_ Random_ Short _ WWWDDNNFFEL.SC2Replay Aug 16, 2012 - Definitely one of the most awkward combinations I've ever received.

Extreme, Random, Very Hard, Very Short:

Extreme_ VH_ Random_ Very Short _ NNNEEEDDLLF.SC2Replay Aug 16, 2012 - Easy! :lol:

Extreme, Random, Very Hard, Chaos

Extreme_ VH_ Random_ Chaos _ FFFEENNLLWD.SC2Replay Aug 17, 2012 - A very fun game that resulted in one of my favorite combinations: quake + support! The most fruit kills I've had yet on extreme.

Edit: I think this thread is in the wrong forum section...

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