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Element TD 1.29

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After months in the making...I present this massive update!


-Support for Arcade

-Implemented Tower Wars mode (2.0) into the game

-Implemented Builder Weapons mode into the game

-Buffed the creep HP growth exponential (made the game harder)

-Tweaked Casual Type countdown timers for a faster game

-Added a hero icon for the builder and summoning center for easy access

-Remade the hero ability/buff selection pane to be data driven (you will like it)

-Camera now starts at the summoning center instead of your builder

-Added placement range indicators to towers

-Added alerts for vespene and essence gain to the UI

-Improved the text for various voting menu options by adding more detail

-Increased voting time for the first menu to 60 seconds

-Removed bonus vote weight for host

-Tweaked Networth calculation to remove discrepancy between random/non-random

-Tweaked Napalm to 6 AoE from 4.5 and 50 damage from 70

-Buffed Flamethrower Tower (DEF) to 150 damage from 140

-Buffed Ephemeral Tower (ENW) to 500 damage from 480

-Tweaked Ephemeral Tower (ENW) to -15% every 3 seconds from -20%

-Tweaked Mildew Tower (EN) to 40 damage from 35 and 10 range from 12

-Buffed Oblivion Tower (DLN) to 500 damage from 400

-Buffed Forge (EF), Trickery (DL), and Well (NW) Tower ranges to 12 from 10

-Buffed Quake Tower (EFN) base attack damage to 250 from 200

-Nerfed Cannon Tower (DE) to 11 damage from 12

-Buffed Celerity Tower (FNW) to 1 speed from 0.66 and 600 damage from 330

-Nerfed Periodic Tower to 8000 damage from 9000

-Tweaked Quark Tower (EL) to 3 AoE from 2.5 and damage to 50 from 60

-Tweaked Poison Tower (DW) to 0.31 speed from 0.66 and 14 damage from 30

-Nerfed Contamination (DW) to 0.9 gain from 1.2 and 4.5 cap from 6

-Made Orbit (EL) path clockwise instead of counter-clockwise

-Swapped position of Focus Out and Focus In on Magnify (DF) Tower

-Swapped position of Expand and Contract on Quark (EL) Tower

-Buffed Impetus on Hero to 600 base damage from 300

-Buffed Grim on Hero to 300 base damage from 200

-Buffed Napalm (cast) on Hero to 8 AoE from 6

-Nerfed Pulverize on Hero to 4.5 AoE from 6

-Improved map loading time

-Fixed incorrect starting timer values on Casual Type

-Fixed a performance issue when using Fire Up (EF) and Quark Tower (EL) together

-Fixed early wave ending with Team Mode on

-Fixed voting menu delay if a player quits

-Fixed the Hero being unselectable with drag select

-Fixed Fungus Tower (EN) projectile errors

-Fixed player name not displaying correctly upon death

-Fixed some frequent memory leaks (i.e. performance improvement)

-Fixed a rare interest bug upon rematch

-Fixed a minor camera error regarding rematch

-Fixed the double death message

-Fixed the not enough terrazine error message (Hero)

-Fixed the healing creeps healing player units

-Fixed the hitbox detection for Quark Tower (EL) projectiles

-Fixed incorrect starting timer values on Short/Extra Short Mode

-Added website to loadscreen

-Added WindStrike to credits

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Those are some great changes! I'll be sure to do what I can to get the popularity up!

Glad to hear it. Thank you! At least games are much easier to fill now :).

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